Vintage Weber Charcoal Caddy

Featured here is a vintage Weber charcoal caddy owned by WKC member Jeff. Based on actual Weber literature, this caddy was offered as early as 1963 at a price of 12.95, and as late as 1972 with a price up to 19.95. It was described by Weber as the no-mess way to handle charcoal. Keep hands clean and charcoal dry. Tilts and dumps charcoal into the cover which also serves as a scoop. Jet Black bottom and copper color scoop cover. 20 lb. charcoal capacity. 24″ height, 10″ diameter.
The design of this caddy suspended the body onto a set of legs and allowed it to swing or pivot back and forth. The handle mounted to the bottom of the body allowed for easy tilting to pour the charcoal out into the lid/scoop, and then into your kettle.
This charcoal caddy was found in a Craigslist ad, and was in less than ideal condition with a great deal of surface rust. It was completely disassembled, stripped/sanded down, primed and repainted to complete the restoration process.

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  • Matt Link Reply

    Great job on the restoration Jeff, it looks flawless. Such a cool find!

    • jeff Link Reply

      Thanks Matt! It was a fun restore!

  • Hasty Brad Link Reply

    VERY nice!! I wasn’t aware that Weber produced one of these as well. Hasty-Bake made one that is VERY similar except square instead of round. It’s a piece that has eluded me thus far, but I KNOW there has to be one out there!

  • jeff Link Reply

    Thanks Matt! It was a fun restore!

  • Don Link Reply

    Wow! I remember my dad having one of those when I was a kid! Seeing this just blew my mind! Only difference his was black bottom with a silver top. I’d love to find one of these beauty’s!

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