1981: Weber Grill History

1981red2The 1981 Weber Charcoal grill is identified by lid vent with the modern embossed or “raised” WEBER logo.  Date Code “C”. The turn tab on the lid vent matches the turn tabs on the bowl vents or “daisy wheels”.1975daisyvent2 This is very similar to the style of lid vent used today. This year of kettles is also identified by having wood handles on the bowl as well as the lid. More on that below.










The ash catchers on the kettles of ’81 are the rolled edge twist on style with the optional hold down clips. The wheels and triangle utility shelf are similar to those used today.

1980 C code with wood bowl handles

The modern Weber wheel. 6" in diameter. Found on Weber charcoal kettles 1977 and newer.













Changes in 1981
This was the first full year that Weber made the charcoal grills with wood handles on the bowl as well as the lid. Early on in ’81, the handles were double riveted, however during this time, the wood handles were beginning to transition over from double riveted to the single center screw style. These early single screw teak wood handles were engraved with Weber’s slogan at the time. “The One. The Only.” along with the kettle silhouette.


1981 Smokey Joe

Colors / Sizes / Models of Weber charcoal grills available in 1981

The 80000 Series – 26.75″ Kettle

  • Jet Black

The 70000 Series – 22.5″ Kettle

  • Jet Black
  • Red
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark (Forest) Green

The 30000 Series –18.5″ Kettle

  • Jet Black
  • Red
  • Chocolate Brown












Gallery of 1981 Kettles

1980-81 Blue 22 front view