Mini WSM Plans: Smokey Joe Smoker

(note: this article originally published October of 2010 on The Meatninja is now blogging for WKC and his site is no longer online) Mini WSM -  in all its glory I've long been into grilling with the occasional venture in smoking and barbecuing. But over the summer, I had a couple really fun experiences [...]

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Coshell Charcoal Review: Coconut Charcoal

While perusing my favorite local grocer a few months ago, I swung by their grilling aisle to see if they had any wood chunks. I always stop and check, even though they rarely do (and I rarely actually NEED them). This time, though, I noticed an alien product there on the shelves in place of [...]

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Mini Weber MOD: Midget OTG

I have a family of 4. My youngest is 10 and she's always wanting to learn to grill. I've taught her a few things using the base of my cajun bandit smoker, but it's usually a bit of a pain to set up. Plus with our frequent trips to the beach I needed something small [...]

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Featured Cook: MrHoss’ Easter Prime Rib!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! This weeks featured cook is brought to you by @MrHoss who was at it again and cooked up an amazing Prime Rib Easter Feast. Not only does the food look excellent, it was also all prepared on a couple of beautiful vintage Redhead's! So stop staring, wipe the drool off your chin and [...]

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FRANKLIN BARBECUE– book review and giveaway

We've been waiting for a long time... watching and re-watching Aaron Franklin's PBS TV episodes on YouTube, watching Tony Bourdain and other food celebrities enthuse on TV, re-reading our copy of Texas Monthly where he took top honors, and peeking in the margins of the images for secrets and trying to pick up nuances of his [...]

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FOUND: Yellow Weber Ranger (before restoration)

Today a gentlemen from Chicago (of course) contacted the WKC with this treasure that he stumbled upon. I'm still too much in awe to describe the situation, but he's registered in the forums now and seeking restoration advice.

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Featured Cook: WNC’s Maple Mustard Plank Salmon

The name of this cook alone gets me salivating a bit... and if that doesn't do it for you, the pictures sure will! Thanks to member WNC for sharing this outstanding planked salmon plate up done on the kettle. While checking out his great write up don't miss the member comments as well for additional tips on cedar plank preparation. [...]

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Vintage Accessories: 1405 – Weber Griddle

"Expand your barbeque repertoire! Weber's lightweight aluminum , easy to clean griddle lets you enjoy lots of new foods outdoors, from bacon and eggs to a grilled cheese sandwich." This aluminum griddle fits perfectly into a 22.5" kettle and is also dishwasher-safe which is a big plus for cleanup afterwards. The raised lip keeps everything [...]

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Featured Cook: jcnaz’s Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin on the Rotisserie

Once again we were spoiled with many excellent recipe's last week but this Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin by member @jcnaz caught my eye not only for the amazing presentation, but also the use of the mighty kettle Roti! Here is one last teaser pic, but be sure to check out the full post here: Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin Thanks [...]

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Bushman’s Bear Claws Review

Forum member, and longtime friend of mine, Blieb, offered up his review of the Bushman Bear Claws. Thanks a lot dude! Some WKC Shwag is in the mail for you!! ------------------------- A while back, I scored some Bushman's Bear Claws - Meat Handling Forks. At $1-5, they're a hell of a value. At $10 I [...]

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