Weber-Stephen Products Co. Wood Dale Instruction Sheet

Wood Dale kettles are sought after as they are some of the earliest examples of the iconic cooker we all know and love. Finding one is like finding a needle in a haystack, so when one was recently discovered I was thrilled to learn that the original instruction sheet was included as well. It's a fun read so check it out! ...but [...]

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Maverick ET-735 Review: Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

The Maverick ET-732 was not the first wireless BBQ thermometer when was released in late 2010 but it took the backyard bbq world by storm.  The Maverick ET-732, sometimes branded as Redi-Check, Imation, etc. has become the 'standard' wireless bbq thermometer for a reason. It's accurate, its rugged, and it does its job. Mine has been [...]

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How to Cold Smoke on a Weber – Cold Smokers Reviewed

Let's get a few things straight about cold smoking. It's not really "cold" - it's just not hot. Cold smoking is a technique you use to apply smoke flavoring to foods without cooking or heating them. You can use cold smoking to smoke salmon, smoke homemade bacon, smoke salt, smoke nuts, and my favorite... smoke [...]

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WKC Statesmen named Weber’s Biggest Fan – Congrats Matt!

Last fall Matt O'Brien, a WKC Statesmen, blogger, community leader, and all around awesome guy, was chosen as Weber's Biggest Fan. They sent camera crews to his house, powdered his nose, and captured footage of Matt in his natural offline habitat - cleaning, arranging, and utilizing his spectacular collection of Weber charcoal grills. They also [...]

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Product Review: Evapo-Rust

When cleaning a vintage Weber Kettle there are always a few products and tools that are close at hand. Steel Wool, A Razor Scraper, Spray degreaser and now the most recent addition to the all star lineup is a product called Evapo-Rust. Many have probably heard about it at one time or another but the [...]

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1960-61 Weber Texan

Featured here is one of the oldest documented grills that we have in the Weber Kettle Club.  This grill belongs to the proud owner and site member, Greg, aka...glrasmussun.  This is the 22" Weber "Texan" which is dated from 1960-61.  Attached below is Greg's own story of how he originally found the grill, then nearly lost it, [...]

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Vintage Accessories: 8801 – BBQ Accessories Starter Set

Of all the vintage accessories, the Weber Barbecue Accessories Starter Set was likely the most commonly sold add-on besides a cover. That being the case, if you are a kettle collector or flipper you've bound to have come across bits and pieces of this set along the way. Either a rusty old roast rack, a tool holder or even a set of the [...]

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Yellow Weber Ranger Restoration: From Trash to Treasure

As most of you know, finding a nice colored vintage Weber grill isn't an easy thing, especially now that Weber Kettle Collecting has grown into a world-wide hobby.  Now imagine this: It's 4:30 am. In the darkness of predawn, you are taking your daily walk. You take your typical route and you stumble across an odd [...]

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Apple Bombs (Caution: Highly Addictive!)

The Scoop: A few weeks ago @Idahawk shared an excellent kettle dessert recipe in the Cooks, Pics and Recipes forum. We tested this one out at home and it's keeper for sure! Extremely easy to make and the results will have you wanting more... like... LOTS more. Another benefit is that these just sit there foiled and cook while you [...]

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Homemade 26″ Weber Performer Mod

One of the most desired and "asked for" models of grills that Weber has yet to create is the 26" Performer.   Well this grill may be the closest we have seen to date. WKC member Ron, aka "TexasOnion" decided he would make his own 26" Weber Performer.  This custom setup features two stainless steel Performer carts mounted end to end [...]

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