1974 Weber Catalog Highlights.


Recently, thanks to a friend of the WKC, we were given screenshots of the full 1974 Weber catalog & price list. This catalog gives us a glimpse of what was new for that model year as well as well as solving some mysteries that were just speculation prior to obtaining this information. Below are some bullet points of the “what’s new” features and discoveries. You can also click on the catalog cover to join the discussion thread. :)


  • First Weber catalog to feature all plastic wheels on standard 18.5 & 22.5 kettles. (’73 catalog still features half rubber/half plastic wheels)
  • Avocado Green has been dropped in favor of “Key Lime” Green for 1974 as previously speculated.
  • Weber was still naming the kettle sizes and finishes in ’74 and we finally learn the names given to the Key Lime finish 18.5 & 22.5 kettles. “The Fairway” & “The Gardener” respectively.
  • Redesigned Seville cart model introduced which is pictured below with a standard lime green 22.5 bowl with leg sockets and bowl handles dropped into the cart. This style Seville cart is known as the “Chariot style” among the WKC members.
  • First catalog to feature the full line of Gas and Electric Kettles.
  • Gas & Electric Kettles were available in finish choices of Black, Red, or Yellow only.
  • Small turn tabs still present on bowl vents of the 18.5 & 22.5 charcoal kettles.
  • The Ranger is featured in the 1974 catalog. Available in yellow finish only, this is the second design of the Ranger model. The Ranger was originally introduced in the 1960s with a different design and was available in a burnt orange/red finish.
  • 1974 is the first year that the Smokey Joe model is available ONLY in black finish. The SJ featured in the catalog looks to be color edited to black.
  • The price list is featured. Prices effective October 1st, 1974. Fun Fact, the MSRP of a red or copper mist 26.75 kettle jumped from $79.95 in 1973 to $124.95 in 1974.
  • The Ranger cost in 1974 what a standard black 22.5 One Touch Silver/Original Kettle costs today, $99.
  • The Ranch Kettle is not featured but is on the price list.
  • We DO NOT see any gas or electric kettles with dual lid handles in 1974. It is unknown when those were made exactly.


1974catalog3      1974catalog2


Unlike previous catalogs that feature George Stephen and a big organized cookout with family and friends followed by traditional studio shots of the grills, we have here a park setting with a new group of people and the grills staged outdoors in these photos. As mentioned earlier, the Seville model is seen with a standard lime 22.5 bowl with handles. It is possible that the photo shoot was rushed and they just substituted a standard kettle in the new Seville cart. This could also account for the “photo shopped” Smokey Joe, they may have used a color model and shortly after decided to limit the SJ to just black or it could have been a ’73 speckled black that was color edited.  As for the wheels featured, we see all plastic/thin whitewall wheels for the first time in the 1974 catalog, I cannot say for certain that 1974 is the first year for this wheel style. There have been some Avocado green 18/22 kettles (discontinued in 1973)  observed with this style of wheel. The change from half rubbers to all plastic wheels may have occurred between 1972 and 1973 after the previous catalog was published. We see the small bowl tabs on the daisy vents of 18 and 22 kettles in 1974, this does help to narrow the change to large bowl tabs to be between 1975 and 1977 when the bowl vent change was firmly in place.



Meet Matt – The Newest WKC Statesman

WKC Member Matt shows off his vintage Weber grill collection

WKC Statesman Matt shows off his vintage Weber grill collection

Matt, or SixZeroFour in the forums, is the latest member to join the Statesman team.

Hailing from Canada, eh, Matt found the site in 2012, but didn’t join up until late 2013. Although he’s been active on the site for less than 12 months, Matt has made a significant impact on the site and the community.

Matt took the initiative and organized the first annual WKC eCook Day. He promoted it and even donated prizes from his own insanely impressive collection. More than 50 members participated, which is incredible considering it’s our first one.

Matt is a restoration guru and will be in charge of the WKC Grill Restoration Guides. His first installment is live – and its amazing How to clean and polish Weber grill legs.

All of the statesmen, especially myself, are super excited to welcome Matt to the team!

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New (To WKC) catalog found.

Thanks to a friend of our site, WKC member Craig has obtained screenshots of a previously undocumented Weber catalog. Prior to now, few had only seen a tiny snippet of this catalog on the site but now for the first time, we have the full catalog complete with a the actual catalog year, full price list, and a couple of key facts and changes that were speculation prior to this point.

We have acquired the 74 Weber Catalog and Pricelist, as well as the 49 Covered Cooking Recipes that go with it.
Head over to the Vintage Weber Catalogs page to check them out!


2015 Weber Performer Deluxe

With the bigger and deeper lid bail, the 2015 Weber Performer's lid opens wider to allow better access to cooking area.

With the bigger and deeper lid bail, the 2015 Weber Performer's lid opens wider to allow better access to cooking area.

With the bigger and deeper lid bail, the 2015 Weber Performer’s lid opens wider to allow better access to cooking area.

The best charcoal grill available has gotten even better! Weber has improved their Performer charcoal grill for the 2015 year.

Gone are the ‘cheap plastic’ tables that many complain about scratching, staining, and cracking. Weber has ditched the glass reinforced nylon table surface and replaced it with a hammer finished enameled METAL surface. The new surface is more durable and will resist stain. It appears that the frame and bolt patterns are the same – so the new table SHOULD bolt on to previous year’s models as well.

But wait there’s more! Saving the best for last, the slide aside lid bail system has been improved. The rollers are longer and the clearance between the bowl and bail is bigger. This means that the lid will slide more easily into it ANNND it will slide further and farther away from the bowl. Many taller grillers were complaining that the open & bailed lid was still blocking a significant portion of the cooking area due to the angle that it sits. While I never really had an issue with this (other than while trying to take some pictures of my grilled food, I can see how some people and styles might be inconvenienced.

The handle has been ‘upgraded’ to the bolt on handle instead of welded. This stirred a bit of worry earlier this year, but there’s been no further complaints of loose handles or quality issues. In reality, the bolt on handles are likely a change for the better. Time will tell, as this change affects all Weber charcoal models for 2015.

Another change is the 2015 enclosed ash catcher. The bottom lip of the ash ring is flared for easier attachment and the locking system is built into the tension of the handle rather than a twist to unlock. So far some of the early adopting WKC members have stated that the strength required to release is higher than expected, so people with weak hands may have an issue with this new change. The new ash catchers will be on all 2015 One Touch Golds, Performers, and 26″ charcoal grills.


New Statesmen Announcement

Winz and his Weber Westerner

Winz poses next to his ultra rare Weber Westerner

When I think of writing an introduction for someone, I begin to panic. I say to myself, what am I going to write? Will I screw it up? Did I leave something out? Then I remind myself that it’s not babies or medicine and that I can relax. So, with that said, it’s time to introduce our newest Statesman.

This man is the strong and silent type with just enough creative imagination to generate a vibe that can last for weeks.
Some of the things he does are just incredible. Sometimes so simple that you hit yourself on the head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

While I have never given any names to my grills, this man does it with the attitude that he’s launching the next battleship. It shows a passion for his work and creativity. When he sets his mind to it, it’s gonna get done! I often find myself thinking, what would he do?

He’s already done so much for so many. He brings his own special perspective that will never be duplicated by another. He’s one of those guys who would give you the shirt off his back or at least the grill in his truck! A real mans man as they say. Or in this case a real “Weber Man”.

He has a passion for many things, and by all appearances lives a simple life. But don’t be mistaken. What appears to be simplistic is really a guise for a complex weave of a life that revolves around a fantastic family and countless friends.

So, without further hesitation, I give you our newest Statesman, Jeff Winzler. AKA, “The Winz”. While I have never met him personally, I feel a kinship of sorts. It’s as if he’s always been here. Please join me in welcoming Jeff to the team. Jeff, what’s for dinner? All this writing makes me hungry. Glad you are here.

Jeff has already researched and documented the History of the Weber Ranch Kettle. He is committed to further history research and supporting other content and community needs for the Weber Kettle Club.


Grilling with Aluminum Foil – Texas Crutch and Beyond

I want to run down a few standard uses of aluminum foil in BBQ and also offer up a few, perhaps novel ideas to try out.

A lot of folks know the standard term “Texas Crutch,” the use of foil wrapping to speed cooking, stop color darkening & preserve cooking juices. mostly this is used for the larger cuts : brisket, pork butt, shoulder clod perhaps.

By containing the heat, the piece will move through the “stall period” more quickly, the zone where collagen converts to gelatin and delicious BBQ happens.

Wrapping in foil will soften your bark.  If a real crispy bark is what you desire, a short time back out on the cooker out of the foil can crisp it back up, but keep in mind, this makes for more moving around & fiddling with your goods.

Brisket, for instance, I’ll do one of two ways.

Foiled Brisket Method #1 – pan and foil up on one of the wife’s cookie racks:


With foil over the top, adding in some beef broth & spices to the pan for a braising effect :


The cookie rack helps keep the lower half from getting mushy sitting in the juice & keeps the piece pretty moist from a bit of steaming action

Foiled Brisket Method #2 – just plain foil wrap @ about 2/3 or a little more through the cook :


Here’s an example of a brisket I cooked up.

These foiling methods will also basically stop the smoke flavor from continuing to add in and get stronger; a choice for those who like a milder smoke flavor…………………

I’ll refrain from being too precise as to when to foil, temperature, which method to use, if you should throw out the foil & use butcher paper, etc. as those topics get hashed out endlessly on BBQ forums everywhere……suffice to say, the stall happens at about 155f to 170f depending on product, cooker temp & size…usually the temp begins rising again above 170f +

See Here, for a bit more info on this :  Slow Cooking

The other reason I’ll not delve into that is I’m wingin’ it & a lot of the time I just don’t know !!!!

Looking at the piece, noticing the outside color, giving it a poke or two are clues as to when to wrap, if it needs to wrap at all.

Smoking Pork Butt – Wrapping with Aluminum Foil

Now, as for pork butt, the same basic stuff applies. Wrapping the butt with foil to move the stall along is certainly a choice – I choose not to. I like the bark cooked through – nice and dark :


But, I will however wrap it to rest for a good length of time (1-1/2 to 2 hours) AFTER the cook, to allow for the internal juices to settle in & redistribute throughout the piece : Jan29Danaedad079

Ends up pretty moist :

Jan29Danaedad082 PPork5

Full Cookup What’s In Kettle #3

Wrapping ribs in Aluminum Foil

Ribs are another use for the humble foil….. the 3-2-1 method a lot of people talk about is originally for full spareribs cooked at 225f. Nowadays, with more people cooking at higher temps, the time wrapped in foil is often reduced ( the 2nd number, those are hours BTW……3 in the smoke, then 2 wrapped, then 1 back out to firm the bark & sauce if desired)

Perhaps 2-1/2, then 1 to 1-1/2, & 30 to 45 minutes at a bit higher heat is more like it – keep in mind the time in foil will soften & braise the meat, so take care as it can end in pulled pork if they go too long there.

Loin back ribs, or baby back ribs, will be a somewhat shorter cook, but may benefit more from wrapping in foil, as there’s less fat to tenderize the meat.

Originally 2-2-1 at the lower heats, perhaps 2-1-45+ minutes might be a sequence at a slightly higher cooking heat.

People add all kinds of liquids & powders like apple juice, cider vinegar, fruit jams / juices, honey, butter, squeeze butter, maple syrup, brown sugar to the foil wrap. It’s a nice way to get a running start on a finished glaze and introduce complimentary flavors to the pork.

 Now, let’s turn the corner into some novel ways to use foil……….

Foil Boats and “Baking” Meat or Vegetables

Instead of foiling at a middle point for ribs, one thing I’ve had some great success with is to start off foiled, then for the last 1/3 to 1/4 of the cookup, to set them out & layer glaze over the flat…… Here’s Satsuma sweet plums with cinnamon, kiwi vinegar & several other spices, foiled, then glazed with the juice FROM the packet after a time baking indirect in the foil….extra added, thickened glaze brushed on, too… MollysBdayJuly2012009 MollysBdayJuly2012Pt2012 MollysBdayJuly2012Pt2038

Full Cookup Plum Ribs

Another one is large full spare ribs, with BBQ sauce & pickle juice…. Pre-StuporBowl028 Pre-StuporBowl036

Full Cookup Ribs Two Ways-Wrapped & Unwrapped

Blueberry / chipotle babybacks, same basic way……………. StuporBowl2012039

Save the juice in the foil packet, set aside & it will thicken a bit from cooling, then pour over the ribs several times, baking more in between…..messy (foil drip pan’s not a bad idea) but extra good ………… StuporBowl2012032 StuporBowl2012040

Not a lot of snazzy smoke ring doing it this way, but boy, they sure taste good……the baking time drives the flavor into the meat somewhat, then the glazing on top of that makes these fly !!!!

Vegetable Wrapping and Packets

Corn, taters, zucchini & other vegetables can benefit from a baking in foil StuporBowl2012035 OCT9brisket2012049

( Corn variously 1/2 hour @ 300…..add in flavored butter & some spices)

Zucchini boats, from large one hollowed out…. Grilling8-13-2014079

Just cook ’till the meat of the squash softens up….45 min. ~ 1:15 @ 275 approx.


(If you don’t have large ones, just thick slice regular size & add in other vegetables or rice / taters to the packet)

Taters in the basement


Full Cookup Just One 18-1/2″ Kettle

Diced tater packet with onion, sweet pepper….could add broccoli, zukes or other small diced pieces in….butter, oil, spices…….do what you like for your’s……45 min. ~ 1:15 @ 275 approximately




Heat Deflectors and Airflow Management

I enlisted the help of my buddy MacEggs (Mark C. from Canada) to show some other creative ways to “foil up” ~~~>>

As a center drip guard and air flow diverter with the snake method : IMG_3324_2

Full Cookup Fuse-Snake Lasted 11+ Hours

As a large diverter for cold smoking : IMG_2684

Full Cookup Smoked Cheese Attempt 

Foil makes a great protective flashing while cooking ribs : There’s plenty of room on a 22 for what you’re doing.

I use the snake method and I like to use foil to cover the center, as well as the areas where the meat is over the charcoal. The intakes are open just a smidge … walk away … check on them after 4-5 hours. Usually close to  done

IMG_1795 IMG_1814 IMG_1822

Foil can serve as a burn guard for your turkey : IMG_2938

Full Cookup Kettle Cooked Turkey

In various positions setting up the Kettle Pizza :

When I got my black MBH, the charcoal grate was not in the best shape. However, I didn’t want to toss it.

So I decided to modify it and use it exclusively for the KP. Works great. I also use another grate on the upper part – some HD aluminum foil, and fire brick.

Also, works great! A much more cost effective way than buying the add-ons that the KP people offer. :) :)


IMG_2437-1 IMG_2436-1 IMG_2440 IMG_2438 IMG_2439

(Links to further information on most cooks are in red )

Click on photos to enlarge for detail, back button to return to post


So, don your foil hats & get to it !!!!!!


First ever WKC eCook a huge success!

Weber Shish Ring in action
Weber Shish Ring in action

Marty broke out his vintage Weber Shishkabob Ring and recreated a classic photo from the Weber book

What started out as a simple idea to cook some food and share pictures and ideas with friends somehow transformed into an online BBQ event of mass proportions! This past Sunday the WKC community stepped up huge and produced 48 separate cooks across the globe! The focus of the event was to celebrate this amazing club and it’s members, as well as showcase some weber history by firing up some old kettles!

The grilling magicians of the WKC showed up in full force unleashing some of the most amazing cooks the forum has seen. Honorable mention goes out to coldkettle, Idahawk, MartyG, Mark Schnell, BBQmiller, Jeff, Craig, dazzo, MrHoss, Winz, mike.stavlund, einrej, etc etc… you get the idea! Please be sure to have a look for some truly inspirational cooking all performed on Weber kettles here: http://weberkettleclub.com/forums/meetups-events/ecook-(day-of)-discussion-thread-sunday-september-7th-2014-(photo-heavy)/

Big congrats also go out to our prize winners!

1st Prize: @coldkettle – Copper OTG!
2nd Prize: @dazzo – Crimson SJG
3rd Prize: @MartyG – Crimson SJG

Thank you all so much for participating, I had an excellent day and hope you all did as well!

Stay tuned for future WKC eCooks!


Grilled Nachos. Glorious

Grilled Nachos. Glorious

Idahawk shows off his planked salmon and bacon wrapped asparagus

Idahawk shows off his planked salmon and bacon wrapped asparagus

ColdKettle grilled EGGS on his Weber. EGGS!! GRILLED EGGS!

ColdKettle grilled EGGS on his Weber. EGGS!! GRILLED EGGS!


October is “Mod Month” at the WKC!


We all love to cook on our Weber grills. Many of us like to collect Weber grills. And of course we all love to eat the great food that comes off our Weber grills.

BUT, from time to time, we can’t resist the temptation to improve on what Weber began. Making our kettles just a little more special. Resolving a nagging issue that we can’t believe Weber didn’t figure out. Combining old with new. Swapping out parts. Adding functionality. Adding flair. Tinkering around with the kettles we love. Reminds me of a great quote by author Kenneth Grahame: “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

So, in recognition of our endless desire to improve what has changed so little in the past 60+ years, WKC is happy to announce our first annual “Mod Month” – a celebration of the many ways we fix-up, tune-up, change-up and otherwise spend time simply messing about with our Weber charcoal grills. From full-on Steam Punk to subtle little tweaks, we want to see what you do to make your Weber kettle grill just that much more special.

The fun starts October 1st, and runs through October 31st. “Peoples Choice” and “Statesmen Choice” prizes and recognition will be awarded. All modified grills will be featured in the Weber Grill Modifications and Custom Grills section of the gallery.

Now, just a few rules to get started:

  • You must be a registered member of the club by October 31st to submit an entry.
  • Previously modified grills posted to the forums that are not in the current mod gallery are allowed.
  • Member “teams” are allowed, but only a single entry can be posted for each mod.
  • Mods must include a Weber charcoal kettle, GA, WSM, Ranch, or SJ in some way.
  • Action shots showing your modified grill fired up and cooking are encouraged.
  • A Mod Month Q&A Thread will be posted on September 12th, where you can ask questions, trash-talk, flip your lid, vent, kick some ash, grate on other members or otherwise give yourself a leg up.
  • All mods must be posted to the Mod Month Master Thread beginning October 1st in the Weber Kettles and Accessories section of the Forums.
  • No pre-posts allowed. Mods posted to the Q&A Thread prior to October 1st will be deleted and must be re-submitted to the Master Thread during October.
  • Pics and description of your modified grill(s) must be submitted by October 31st by 5:00pm PST.
  • Members may submit as many modified grill entries as they like.

Grab your tools, wade into your Weber grill boneyard, pop open a cold beverage. Do whatever it takes to inspire you to come up with the next big grilling thing.

This is going to be fun!


New Statesmen Announcement!

Hey Everyone..

Ken, the turd king

Ken, the ABT (‘Turd) King

I have been given the privilege; no scratch that, “The Honor” of introducing our newest Statesman.

I am quite sure that this person doesn’t think that he is extra special, but he has become an integral part of the WKC. While some people take the easy road and some constantly fight the uphill battle, this guy blazes his own trail. At first glance of his vast array of kettles and cookers you may think, just another guy with a few old bbq’s. But you would be wrong. So far wrong, that when it finally hits, you realize you are in the midst of pure genius. An Albert Einstein of everything we strive for. A master at this craft we humbly call bbq.  A skill set that is so strong, others can only dream of acquiring.  I seem to always ask myself, “I don’t know what makes him tick, but if I could bottle it, I’d make a mint”

He’s the got the perfect mix, of experience, skill and unique banter that screams “BBQ Guru”

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am referring to the one, the only 1Buckie. I just call him Buckie. (There’s a story behind the name he has chosen,. just ask him to tell you about it.)
His real name is Ken and he has made his mark on our humble place.  (And many others I might ad.).

I am glad he chooses to hang with us. So I formally introduce out latest Statesman. “1Buckie” (Insert huge applause here)
Check him out; he has so much to offer, even if it’s just a bit of camaraderie amongst friends, but I think you will like what he brings to the field.

Read more about Ken and look for his upcoming Blogs about, well everything! Blog on Buckie, Blog on.


Sept 7, 2014 WKC eCook!

On behalf of the WKC please join us in an experimental eCook this Sunday Sept 7th!

With all the fantastic local events taking place (mostly thanks to connections made on this site!) I figured it would be a fun idea to dedicate a day to celebrating this hobby and cooking some good food!

Extremely simple really, just have a regular BBQ at your house this Sunday but keep an iPad, laptop or other annoying form of communications device close by and join in on some live discussion. Share new kettle scores, stories, pictures of your cook… whatever! No strict rules other than have a good time!

Anyone who is able to participate day of will be entered in draw #1 to win first choice of the prizes below:
– Brand New 22.5″ OTG in either Crimson OR Copper
– NIB “Corona Extra” 18.5″ OTS kettle
– NIB Crimson Smokey Joe

Winner of draw #1 chooses from all prizes.

Prize #2 – Will be awarded to the best overall event and participation for the day – they then get choice of the two remaining prizes

Prize #3 – Remaining prize will be awarded to the best voted single dish cooked this Sunday. Shoot for creativity and take some sharp photos!
Most of you are going to be grillin’ anyways so come and join in the fun and DRAG OUT THOSE KETTLE COLLECTIONS PEOPLE!

Hope to see you there!
Join the discussion and get more info in the forums!