Featured Cook: Smoked Mashed Potato Balls

Early this week member @eccj shared a great looking recipe for "Smoked Mashed Potato Balls" ! These had me drooling at the keyboard just reading the post ... check it out! "They are super simple to make." - eccj Ingredients: 6 jumbo potatoes cubed 3 eggs beaten (egg wash) 6 pieces of Bacon 8oz block of Cheddar Cheese cubed [...]

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An amazing kettle story of epic proportions! Part 2 of 2: The Yellow Feather

Part 2: The Yellow Feather (Click here to read part 1) Immediately after all arrangements were made to purchase and ship the Ranch I moved on to the next matter of business... finding @Plant_City_Mike a 22.5" Yellow kettle. As most of you know this is not an easy task even if you know all the right [...]

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An amazing kettle story of epic proportions! Part 1 of 2: The Acquisition

Very rarely do I use the word "epic" but regarding the story I am about to share it's the only adjective I feel is fitting. This insane journey started 7 months ago when WKC member @Plant_City_Mike sent me a message to share a very cool CL find that he had come across in Jacksonville FL. Simply listed [...]

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Featured Cook: BBcue-Z’s Ribs Porchetta

Ribs Porchetta Porchetta pronounced “Por’Ketta” is a famous Italian dish. It’s usually made of deboned whole pig that’s been stuffed with boneless pork loin and all the meat that was taken off the bones during the process. It’s usually season with a past made fresh herbs like Rosemary, Sage, Fennel, and garlic, EVOO…etc. It’s then [...]

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1959 Weber Ranch Kettle

Featured here is what quite possibly may be one of the oldest complete Ranch grills we have.  This kettle is documented from 1959 and recently sold at a local auction in Ohio for the incredible amount of $4200.00. The story behind this kettle is most interesting in that the original owner won this grill on [...]

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Order your WKC Hoodie!!

You asked, we delivered. Rather than use a printer, this time we're using TeeSpring.com. They'll handle the transactions, printing, and shipping. We need to sell 20 hoodies in order for us to make the project worth it. The sale ends on February 13th, so get yours NOW!! http://teespring.com/wkc-hoodies

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2015 Super Bowl Cook Off Challenge

As we all know, today is the Super Bowl....er... "BIG GAME". Behind Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day for food consumption in the U.S. . What's a Grillfella to do? Well, we drag those kettles, smokers, or gassers out for some game day cooks, that's what we do! Please join us today in the BBQ Cook Offs section [...]

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1967 Weber Seville

Featured is a 1967 Weber Seville owned by WKC member, Jeff. Weber has recognized 2 models of the Seville, one being this model that is featured, and another model referred to by some as the "Chariot" based on its appearance and similarities to large wheel carriages that were pulled by animals throughout history. This featured [...]

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Vintage Weber Charcoal Caddy

Featured here is a vintage Weber charcoal caddy owned by WKC member Jeff. Based on actual Weber literature, this caddy was offered as early as 1963 at a price of 12.95, and as late as 1972 with a price up to 19.95. It was described by Weber as the no-mess way to handle charcoal. Keep [...]

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1980-81 Weber Dark Blue 22.5

This dark blue 22.5 kettle is owned by WKC member Craig. This kettle is unique in that it is a 1980 "B" code lid paired with a 1981 "C" code bowl. It is interesting to note that 1980 was the final year for the metal bowl handled kettles and 1981 marked the first year of [...]

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