Early Smokey Joe

In researching for the Smokey Joe History page, a WKC member supplied us with these photos.  This is the earliest Weber Smokey Joe we have been able to document to date.  Clearly visible are the trademark metal handle attached directly to the vent and the early tripod leg configuration.  An amazing example of one of [...]

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Three Generations of Ranch

Thanks to a member of the WKC, we have this great picture of the three generations of Weber Ranch Kettle.   While the shape and support systems for the Ranch have changed over the years, one thing is consistent - the Ranch was designed to cook for very large groups.   You can read about [...]

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The return of the Weber MasterTouch! Full review and side-by-side comparison.

The Weber MasterTouch (now available on Amazon) has long been coveted for its amazing versatility and the fact that it came straight out of the box jam packed with features. First introduced back in 1992, this premium grill included a lid bale, a lid mounted & removable thermometer, charcoal baskets, condiment rack and a tool holder. To this day this is [...]

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Weber 2015 Catalog is HERE!

WKC leaked several of these product details months ago, but now they're official! I scored a copy of the 2015 Weber Catalog and I scanned it in to share with all of you! Some wicked cool colors have been added to the Weber Q lineup. We haven't really spent a lot of time analyzing the [...]

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Weber Smokey Joe Model Number Database

SJ-100  Smokey Joe - Offset Wood Handle/ Collapsible Legs - Jet Black SJ-100  Smokey Joe - Offset Wood Handle/ Tripod Legs - Jet Black SJ-100  Smokey Joe - Offset Metal Handle / Tripod Legs - Jet Black SJ-130  Offset Wood handle / Collapsible Legs - Red SJ-180  Offset Wood Handle / Tripod wire legs with [...]


It’s Turkey Time! Turkey Tips for the Weber Grill!

Cooking a turkey on a Weber kettle is something many grillers aspire to do, and with Thanksgiving upon us what better time to have a look at a few amazing Turkey cooks and tutorials! Planning your cook is crucial to a successful bird, so take the time to think out the whole process and ensure [...]

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The Pretzel Bun Fattie Burger

Most seasoned grillers have already experienced the amazing taste and versatility of a ground pork fattie. They are super easy to make and are essentially a no-fail way to impress in both the flavour and presentation departments! Well... the last time I made one of these glorious creations I noticed that the proportions of the cut slabs were [...]

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2015 Weber Charcoal Grills – Lineup Changes, accessories, etc

2015 is an exciting model year for Weber. They've obviously been listening closely to what the Weber Kettle Club community is saying, as they've answered SEVERAL of our most common complaints and requests. Maybe we'll have some cool European Weber colors soon? Performer Deluxe - The metal tabled performer A couple months ago the WKC [...]

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How to make a bacon weave

A good bacon weave is vital to any serious griller's meat cooking arsenal. What better way to make almost anything more delicious, than to wrap it in little strips of heaven? ... Am I wrong? This quick guide will show you how to easily make a bacon weave big enough to cover a fattie - using 2 packs of [...]

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Grilling Frozen Pizza Rolls

Who needs a microwave when you have a collection of 40 Weber charcoal grills, amirite? In this edition of WTF is Troy grilling, I tackle the challenge of craving pizza rolls on a day where the electricity is out for 8 hours. The result: BEST PIZZA ROLLS EVER!

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