Thank You George

February 11th, 2016 marks the 23rd year of the passing of George A Stephen, founder of Weber Stephen Products, and a man who's vision and relentless pursuit of his dream makes him one of the most iconic figures in the history of barbecue. Over the past several years I've spent a number of hours researching [...]

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Gorgeous Vintage Yellow up for Auction!

Did you guys see this SWEEET yellow on ebay? The seller, WKC Legend, Lawrence Fishburn @PBE Gummi Bear, posted it up a few days ago. It's pretty special. Look at it! It's in really great shape. There aren't a lot of yellows that kept this status. Perhaps the types of people who went for the [...]

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Big Game food contest

Whether your favorite team is in the Super Bowl this weekend or not, you can still come away from the game a winner. The Weber Kettle Club is hosting a contest where club members will be showing off their smokey grilled goodness. Put your creative culinary skills to the test, show the world what amazing [...]

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Grilling Tip: Smoking with beef fat and onions

Did you know that you can smoke without wood chunks? It's true. You can use several aromatic vegetables as a smoking agent to add subtle flavors to your food. I developed this technique to help recover that 'grilled steak' flavor when using the Reverse Sear method. During normal grilling, a steak drips fatty juices down [...]

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Mod Month Winners! Our Favorite Weber Kettle Modifications

The 2015 Mod Month entries were so epic that no could narrow down winners. Well that and we were all busy playing Santa Clause. Without further bullshit or ado, here are the winners! Ron, AKA TexasOnion, is pretty freaking handy. Since Weber hasn't blessed us with a 26" performer yet, Ron made one himself. The [...]


Weber Smokey Mountain Mod – Performer Cart Install

Mod Month 2015 2nd place winner here! Chicago area member, Gunner, needed a better way to move around his WSM. I can't imagine the snowing blowing 6 month Chicago winters had anything to do with those needs. Gunner skipped the casters - good call dude. Casters installed on the legs just isn't stable enough and [...]

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Colored Weber Master-Touch Kettles make a splash! …in Canada.

Perhaps a sign of things to come for Weber America? I suppose only time will tell, but the chances of these models eventually showing up in the United States seems all the more likely after Weber Canada launches 4 hot new colors!! Previously only offered overseas, the new Master-Touch colors have been a long awaited addition to the North American [...]

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Slow’n Sear Review: The BEST Way to Smoke in your Weber Kettle

I've long been a subscriber to Alton Brown's "Death to the Unitasker" philosophy. I don't want clutter without a cause. Single use kitchen gadgets like mango slicers and pineapple corers and strawberry stem removers are a waste of space and money. There are multi-tasking kitchen essentials that serve me just fine. I apply that same [...]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at the Weber Kettle Club

From the entire team here at the Weber Kettle Club - Here's wishing you all a very Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   We can't wait to see what 2016 has in store!

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Introducing The 2016 WKC Calendar!

Just in time for Christmas may we present to you the perfect stocking stuffer (or Secret Santa Gift!) for any grilling enthusiast - The 2016 WKC Calendar!! Cost is $20.00 shipped to your door with proceeds from the sale supporting the club! This helps us to cover the costs of prizes, stickers, hosting etc etc [...]

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