Grilling Frozen Pizza Rolls

Who needs a microwave when you have a collection of 40 Weber charcoal grills, amirite? In this edition of WTF is Troy grilling, I tackle the challenge of craving pizza rolls on a day where the electricity is out for 8 hours. The result: BEST PIZZA ROLLS EVER!

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2015 Weber Performer Deluxe Review

Oct 10, 2014 - Weber Kettle Club Co-Founder Brian was able to get his hands on the very first 2015 Weber Performer Deluxe. This new model is not even available yet, and this particular grill is partially a prototype. It has all the new features but it still has the older style wheels. Public information [...]

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UN-Pulled Pork Steaks – The Ultimate Pulled Pork Leftover Recipe

Like all good food innovations and creations, this one too was discovered by accident. I was catering a large party a few years ago. 8 pork butts worth of pulled pork, but I made 9 just so I have one for myself. The overnight smoke was a nightmare. Heavy rain and heavy winds kept me [...]

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1974 Weber Catalog Highlights.

Recently, thanks to a friend of the WKC, we were given screenshots of the full 1974 Weber catalog & price list. This catalog gives us a glimpse of what was new for that model year as well as well as solving some mysteries that were just speculation prior to obtaining this information. Below are some [...]

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Meet Matt – The Newest WKC Statesman

Matt, or SixZeroFour in the forums, is the latest member to join the Statesman team. Hailing from Canada, eh, Matt found the site in 2012, but didn't join up until late 2013. Although he's been active on the site for less than 12 months, Matt has made a significant impact on the site and the [...]

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New (To WKC) catalog found.

Thanks to a friend of our site, WKC member Craig has obtained screenshots of a previously undocumented Weber catalog. Prior to now, few had only seen a tiny snippet of this catalog on the site but now for the first time, we have the full catalog complete with a the actual catalog year, full price list, and a couple of key facts and changes that were [...]


2015 Weber Performer Deluxe

The best charcoal grill available has gotten even better! Weber has improved their Performer charcoal grill for the 2015 year. Gone are the 'cheap plastic' tables that many complain about scratching, staining, and cracking. Weber has ditched the glass reinforced nylon table surface and replaced it with a hammer finished enameled METAL surface. The new [...]

With the bigger and deeper lid bail, the 2015 Weber Performer's lid opens wider to allow better access to cooking area. 3 comments

New Statesmen Announcement

When I think of writing an introduction for someone, I begin to panic. I say to myself, what am I going to write? Will I screw it up? Did I leave something out? Then I remind myself that it’s not babies or medicine and that I can relax. So, with that said, it’s time to [...]


Grilling with Aluminum Foil – Texas Crutch and Beyond

I want to run down a few standard uses of aluminum foil in BBQ and also offer up a few, perhaps novel ideas to try out. A lot of folks know the standard term "Texas Crutch," the use of foil wrapping to speed cooking, stop color darkening & preserve cooking juices. mostly this is used for [...]


First ever WKC eCook a huge success!

What started out as a simple idea to cook some food and share pictures and ideas with friends somehow transformed into an online BBQ event of mass proportions! This past Sunday the WKC community stepped up huge and produced 48 separate cooks across the globe! The focus of the event was to celebrate this amazing [...]

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