1967 Weber Seville

Featured is a 1967 Weber Seville owned by WKC member, Jeff. Weber has recognized 2 models of the Seville, one being this model that is featured, and another model referred to by some as the "Chariot" based on its appearance and similarities to large wheel carriages that were pulled by animals throughout history. This featured [...]

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Vintage Weber Charcoal Caddy

Featured here is a vintage Weber charcoal caddy owned by WKC member Jeff. Based on actual Weber literature, this caddy was offered as early as 1963 at a price of 12.95, and as late as 1972 with a price up to 19.95. It was described by Weber as the no-mess way to handle charcoal. Keep [...]

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1980-81 Weber Dark Blue 22.5

This dark blue 22.5 kettle is owned by WKC member Craig. This kettle is unique in that it is a 1980 "B" code lid paired with a 1981 "C" code bowl. It is interesting to note that 1980 was the final year for the metal bowl handled kettles and 1981 marked the first year of [...]

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Featured Cook: BBcue-Z’s Christmas Feast 2014!

We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by many talented grillers here at the WKC, so we want to start recognizing some of the outstanding cooks showing up almost daily in the BBQ & Grilling Forums. The first of which is an outstanding feast cooked up by member BBcue-Z (Hadi) this past Christmas. Amazing variety, amazing color and excellent presentation! [...]

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“Dutch Baby” Pancakes on the Weber Kettle

When it comes to cuisine here in the Pacific Northwest most people think of cedar planked salmon and other seafoods, wild game and wonderful produce from the Columbia River basin. But there's another dish that was made famous up here in the northwest and I was fortunate to stumble across it one fine morning on a [...]

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Quick & Easy Weber Performer / Genesis Emblem Restoration

Recently member @demosthenes9 shared a fantastic tip on how to easily restore the older aluminum Weber emblems found on many Performers and Genesis gassers. I had an extra emblem just begging to test this out on so here we go! Materials Required: - High Heat Black BBQ Paint - 400 Grit Sandpaper - Steel Wool [...]

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Not a fan of the new handle and heat shield design? No Problem… Go Retro!

When Weber introduced it's latest bolt-on handle design many purists were very critical of the change, not because it was a bad handle, but because it simply looks bulky and distracts attention away from the beauty of the classic kettle design. Gone are the days of a welded (and painted!) strap style handle - we are now provided with a new bolt on design [...]

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Best Vacuum Sealer for BBQ: Foodsaver V2244 Review

A vacuum sealer is an important tool in the arsenal of any skilled chef - bbq, backyard, and even professional. They come in incredibly handy. With proper usage, a vacuum sealer will pay for itself within its first year. Here are some of my favorite uses: Planned BBQ Leftovers - Everytime I fire up the [...]

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Early Smokey Joe

In researching for the Smokey Joe History page, a WKC member supplied us with these photos.  This is the earliest Weber Smokey Joe we have been able to document to date.  Clearly visible are the trademark metal handle attached directly to the vent and the early tripod leg configuration.  An amazing example of one of [...]

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Three Generations of Ranch

Thanks to a member of the WKC, we have this great picture of the three generations of Weber Ranch Kettle.   While the shape and support systems for the Ranch have changed over the years, one thing is consistent - the Ranch was designed to cook for very large groups.   You can read about [...]

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