Weber Kettle Model Numbers

We have compiled a list of the various standard kettle model numbers and corresponding colors. This list spans from the 1950s through the early 1980s.  It should be noted that these ARE NOT the years that the colors were introduced or discontinued, however they are the catalog years in which each model number and color were pulled from. Enjoy!




22.5=BD-500 1953**
18.5=Unknown as of now.
26.75=Unknown as of now.

1960s through the mid 1970s:


Models by color (1960s and 1970s)

18.5 JBK-300

JBK-300 Jet Black “The Traveler” 1964*
JBK-310 Jet Black “The 49’er” 1964*
JBK-320 Yellow “The Yachtsman” 1973*
JBK-330 Red/Hunter’s Pink “The Easterner” 1964*
JBK-340 Avocado Green “The Mediterranean” 1968*
JBK-380 Copper Mist “The Brave” 1972*

22.5 BK-700

BK-710 Jet Black “The Texan” 1964*
BK-7?? Yellow Ochre “The Ambassador” 1962*
BK-720 Yellow “The Gourmet” 1973*
BK-730 Red/Hunter’s Pink “The Statesman” 1964*
BK-740 Avocado Green “The Caribbean” 1968*
BK-750 Glen Blue “The Imperial” 1964*
BK-770 Chestnut Copperton “The Estate” 1964*
BK-780 Copper Mist “The Warrior” 1972*

26.75 LBK-800

LBK-810 Jet Black “The Fleetwood” 1966*
LBK-830 Red/Hunter’s Pink “The Aristocrat” 1966*
LBK-870 Chestnut Copperton “The Westerner” 1966*
LBK-880 Copper Mist “The Chief” 1972*

By 1979 the model numbers were updated from three digit models to a five digit model “series”.

1979 through the mid 1980s:

18.5 30000 Series

31001: Jet Black 1979*
33001: Red 1979*
35001: Dark Blue 1979*
37001: Dark Green 1979*
38001: Chocolate 1979*

22.5 70000 Series

71001: Jet Black 1979*
73001: Red 1979*
75001: Dark Blue 1979*
77001: Dark Green 1979*
78001: Chocolate 1979*

26.75 80000 Series

81001: Jet Black 1979*
83001: Red 1979*
88001: Chocolate 1979*

From the 1980 price list (effective October 31, 1980) the model series numbers remain the same for kettles available as from the year prior. The changes made in color selection are that Dark Green and Dark Blue  18.5 kettles are dropped as of October 31st 1980 reducing the selection of 18’s to jet black, red, and chocolate only. For 26.75 kettles, red and chocolate finishes are also dropped as of October 31, 1980 leaving jet black only from this point to the present. The schematic drawings of the kettles on the 10/31/80 price list look as though the metal bowl handles are fudged out of the drawings to reflect the change over to wood. Also, “Dark Green” is renamed “Forrest Green” beginning in 1980-81.

For 1981

Same model numbers, only change is kettles are featured full color photograph with the double rivet teak bowl handles.

By the early 90s the 71001 designation for black 22’s had been shifted over to the One Touch model.

*= Denotes catalog year from where the model number was pulled from.

**= Denotes a dated newspaper article/advertisement found.