Weber Grills from the 50s

The Weber Kettle was invented in 1952 so this is the earliest period for Weber kettles. These 1950s vintage grills are some of the most sought after and rarest of models as they are the oldest. The earliest style is whats known as the “buoy” kettle. Some models from the 50s have the familiar leg profile but have a very low profile lid similar to the “buoy” kettles. Kettles from the 1950s have thinner profile metal wheels in either white or red finish and can be seen with either a utility tray/ash catching triangle OR the earliest disc ash catchers with “U” shaped cutouts and attached leg clips. All kettles of the 1950s have metal lid handles.

Available colors from the 1950s were Jet Black, Chestnut Coppertone and Marbleized- a squiggly lined/crazed finish.

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