1980-81 Weber Dark Blue 22.5

This dark blue 22.5 kettle is owned by WKC member Craig. This kettle is unique in that it is a 1980 “B” code lid paired with a 1981 “C” code bowl. It is interesting to note that 1980 was the final year for the metal bowl handled kettles and 1981 marked the first year of the wooden bowl handles. All three of the wooden handles are original and are the double rivet style. Weber would transition from double rivet over to single screw style wooden handles during 1981-82. This is one of the earliest examples of a wood bowl handled kettle. Unlike the dark blues from later years that have a hint of purple, the early dark blues like this one are more of a royal blue finish. Enjoy!






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  • ~The Duke~ Link Reply

    Sweet looking kettle Craig! The blue Weber Master Touch was actually called Royal Blue, but was much brighter.
    Cheers to you blokes!

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