1967 Weber Seville

Featured is a 1967 Weber Seville owned by WKC member, Jeff. Weber has recognized 2 models of the Seville, one being this model that is featured, and another model referred to by some as the “Chariot” based on its appearance and similarities to large wheel carriages that were pulled by animals throughout history.
This featured Seville cart has gone through full restoration which included complete media blasting, 3 zinc primer coats, 3 white powder coat layers, and new wheels. The original ash pan was originally missing, and has been substituted with a 22″ kettle ash pan in the photos. The bowl and lid are in original excellent condition and have been finished off with a new handle from Brian.

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  • Hoss Link Reply

    That Kettle is drop dead gorgeous. Fine restoration there. Holy cow!!!

  • MINIgrillin Link Reply

    That looks really cool. Wish I had a kettle too but I still love mine even with a modern kettle in it. I love the feel of the handle, the weight, and the craftsmanship.

    Well done sir!

    • jeff Link Reply

      Thanks! Now don’t you have the OTG ash bucket on yours? If you use your grill, that’s a nice thing to have on it!

  • Craig Link Reply

    Jeff, WOW! That Cado Seville is just stunning! I hope to land one of these or a Sequoia one day.

  • Matt Link Reply

    This is quite possibly my fav kettle of all time Jeff. Stunning condition, gorgeous emerald color and the crisp white paint on the cart just sets it all off. Perfection!

  • I have a vintage Seville weaver grill cart in great shape! Look me up on the site Let go!

  • Sorry I meant WEBER!

  • Deborah Link Reply

    Looking for a price range on Webber Seville bbf cart only. No grill with it. Wrought iron. Please respond asap

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