Weber Grills from the 70s

By the 1970s, the Weber was known and loved nation wide. This is the era where the kettles began the transition from metal wheels to the modern plastic ones. The bowl and lid vent turn tabs also began to transition from the small turn tabs to the modern wide/dual turn tabs by decade’s end. These kettles have the double riveted wooden lid handle and have the metal bowl handles (known as an MBH) similar to the 60s kettles but these have no thumbscrews in the leg sockets. The lid vents began the decade with “PAT PENDING” stamped on the BAR-B-Q-KETTLE lid vents and then added the PAT # 3538906 and then BAR-B-Q-KETTLE transitioned to the modern “WEBER” logo lid vents by 1979.

Colors available in the 1970s were Jet Black, Red, Avocado Green (through 1973), Copper Mist (Brown) Yellow (introduced in 1973), Lime Green (introduced in 1974) Dark Green (Introduced in 1979) and Dark Blue (Introduced in 1979)

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  • Peg Brassie Link Reply

    Hi All-
    After we switched from our large brown Weber to the smaller Smokey Joe, I wanted to keep the old grill around, so I use the grill body as a planter! I plant radishes, etc in it. Anyway, I used the charcoal ash basin as the basin for a birdbath, (perfect, just perfect!) and mosaiced it. I am DESPERATE for another one, but cannot find one. Can you help?

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