NFL Edition Weber Master Touch – Bears Logo Grill

Back in 1995, the NFL sponsored a Bar-B-Q competition, with the prize being a very limited Weber Master Touch (MT) NFL Edition grill. Here’s what Weber had to say about these rare grills:

“This is an extremely rare 22” kettle. These special editions were never sold at retail, they were only for the official NFL Tailgate party. There were only probably 8-10 made for each team. The person you bought it from would have won it during the tailgate cook off.”

We’ve seen a few over the years, including matching Smokey Joe grills, but it’s always fun to see another one. Have you seen your favorite team yet? (Sorry Ravens, Panthers, Texans and Jaguars fans, these grills predated your team!)

Let us know if you see another one – they are just begging to be used on opening day! (And when you own a vintage Weber grill, every day is opening day!)


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  • Dustin Flavell Link Reply

    It’s not a master touch but there is a SF 49ers smokey joe on Craig’s list right now for 80 bucks. Check Bay Area CL if your interested.

  • Thomas Heikkila Link Reply

    The NFL and Weber sponsored the competition. The competition took place prior to a home game for each team and was held pretty early in the season. I called into the local radio station to get into the competition and he winners moved on to another or final round. I think the final competition was in Kansas City.

    Every participant cooked on a brand new team logo-ed grill and got to take it home. 8-10 participants sounds about right. I did not win and did not care, I got the grill. We were not informed we were getting the grills prior to the competition so getting the grill was a pleasant surprise. It was a pain getting the coals put out and the grill cooled off in time to get the grill to my car and then get back to the game. Participants got two tickets to the game also.

    Alas, I did not keep it in shape and was not into Weber grills like I am now. It is gone. Your pictures are spot on.

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