Sept 7, 2014 WKC eCook!

On behalf of the WKC please join us in an experimental eCook this Sunday Sept 7th!

With all the fantastic local events taking place (mostly thanks to connections made on this site!) I figured it would be a fun idea to dedicate a day to celebrating this hobby and cooking some good food!

Extremely simple really, just have a regular BBQ at your house this Sunday but keep an iPad, laptop or other annoying form of communications device close by and join in on some live discussion. Share new kettle scores, stories, pictures of your cook… whatever! No strict rules other than have a good time!

Anyone who is able to participate day of will be entered in draw #1 to win first choice of the prizes below:
– Brand New 22.5″ OTG in either Crimson OR Copper
– NIB “Corona Extra” 18.5″ OTS kettle
– NIB Crimson Smokey Joe

Winner of draw #1 chooses from all prizes.

Prize #2 – Will be awarded to the best overall event and participation for the day – they then get choice of the two remaining prizes

Prize #3 – Remaining prize will be awarded to the best voted single dish cooked this Sunday. Shoot for creativity and take some sharp photos!
Most of you are going to be grillin’ anyways so come and join in the fun and DRAG OUT THOSE KETTLE COLLECTIONS PEOPLE!

Hope to see you there!
Join the discussion and get more info in the forums!


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