1975 Copper Mist 22.5 “The Warrior”

Grill – 1975 Copper Mist 22.5 “The Warrior”

Owner: Gunner

Story: Not a real good story unfortunately (so says Tom, the owner). But is there such a thing as a bad story when grabbing a kettle? It was an eBay purchase, but it happened to be 10 minutes away from his house so he didn’t have to pay shipping. It was a good score made better because in the original picture it looked like there were two big scratches across the lid. Tom emailed the seller and asked if they were in fact scratches and the seller confirmed they were. When Tom picked it up he realized they were just long smudges that looked like they would come off with some good scrubbing (and they did). There are only two paint chips on the whole kettle, one by the lid handle and one on one of the metal handles. The rest of the kettle is in pristine condition. Overall Tom considers this a great score.

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  • Bertl Link Reply

    It took me over 5 years to recognize that this kettle is in my possession. @Jeff agent me the Warrior which was on eBay back then from the Chicago area. I am proud that my kettle is on here!

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