26″ Blue kettle “flat top”

This is a blue 26″ flat top kettle grill. This grill is owned by WKC member Jeff. This grill was found while responding to a Craigslist ad for New Old Stock Weber(NOS)wood handles. It turns out the person selling the handles was a former Weber employee. During conversion, I mentioned to him I had an interest in colored kettle grills. He told me that he had something I might be interested in. He took me to the back of his garage and there sat a large cardboard box. He opened and there was a new blue 26″ grill. He explained how much he liked this color, so he was able to locate an NOS bowl and lid for this extra large grill. He was able to have both parts sprayed blue at the warehouse by a fellow employee. What makes this grill very unique is that the 26″ grills were only produced in the colors of red, brown (coppermist), and black. So this grill is quite possibly the only 26″ of this color in existence. Every part on it is brand new and was retrofitted to this grill when I got it in 2006. Lastly, it sports a set of new handles from Brian.

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  • Leonard Link Reply

    Hello all.
    Like his web site with all weber Grills. I’m looking for the 22.5 dark
    one touch.Been checking enter net everyday with no luck at all,so if anyone knows where I can get please contact me.

    Thank you

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