1958-59 Unmarked Sky Blue 18.5″ kettle

This is an 18.5″ kettle made in 1958-59. We will describe the color of this grill as “Sky Blue” for now. Its certainly darker than the turquoise, or “baby blue” more of us are familiar with. This is the only grill we have documented in this color. This particular grill has an unmarked lid vent. This may have been a “one off” grill made special for someone at Weber. The owner of this grill is “Sniper” who is an inactive member of WKC. This grill was acquired through an Ebay auction earlier in 2013.
Some of the features of this rare grill include the following:
– Metal top handle
– Metal bowl handles
– 3 daisy wheel bowl dampers
– Twist-on ash pan with leg clips
– Leg thumb screws
– Rounded Triangular utility shelf (which is painted the same color on the underside)
– Rubber tread tired with steel hubs

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