1972 red 26″ inch “flat top”

Pictured here is a red 26″ “flat top” Weber kettle grill. This kettle is owned by WKC member Jeff. This particular grill was acquired from a Craigslist ad with the help of WKC founder Troy. He was kind enough to notify Jeff of the ad when it was posted. This grill was produced between 1970-72. It has a patent pending number on the top vent, twist-on ash pan, 3 daisy wheel vents on the bowl, and metal bowl handles. At the time of purchase, this grill was in overall decent condition, but had its fair share of chips in the lid and bowl, and was missing a handle on the bowl. Overall, this grill has gone through a small rehab, extensive clean-up, along with having a new replacement handle welded onto the bowl. It currently has a pair of 8.5″ red steel hub wheels with rubber tread on. The original wheels may go back on.

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  • Jeff! Wow that kettle is gorgeous! I really like the wheels painted red! A Grail for sure!! 🙂

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