WKC Posts of the Week- January 4, 2014

Happy new year! 2014 is going to be a good year for WKC. The Weber Vintage Grill Gallery is in full swing and we also have our next featured member getting posted soon.

What are your kettle and BBQ plans for this coming year? Is there a special grill that you are looking for? Do you have a particular dish or meat you want to prepare? Perhaps there is that special grill you’ve been using for years that deserves some special care and will be refurbished to provide many more years of service. Regardless, we hope that you are able to realize your plans and make 2014 another great year!

Kudos to those that use the kettles in the snow and cold. Did you know that “Grill and bbq more” is the Grillfella’s #1 New years resolution? Don’t forget to share your cooks and scores in the forums or on the WKC Facebook page and twitter page @weberkettleclub 

The WKC has grown so much this last year that it is exceeding our founders capacity of finance it. (In other words, Troy did not win the lottery. Yet.) There are a number of ways to support the WKC. You can make a donation, purchase an official WKC shirt, or do a little online shopping online through the WKC links- you can even bookmark these links and shop through them whenever you make a purchase. For more information, check out the support WKC page


Javahog2002 GE Partio cart
WSM with original packaging
Harris92 18.5″ Wood Dale
G Red AG Grill on eBay 


Jimmy_dong Redhead fixer upper in progress 
Harris92 Cook n’ Kettle update 
AZ_MIKEY Stretch performer 
Jcnaz interesting side table
Winz fun thread on a copper performer swap and mods
Hex one-touch ash sweeper removal


swamprb Bar-B-Q-Kettle Rotisserie Madness!
MaxBobcat First cook on vintage CGA
javahog2002  Ribeye Roast on the Rotisserie 
Jocool  New to drip beans
BBQMiller Turkey on 14.5″ WSM 
Holiday ham on kettle thread
Prof. abbacchio-alla-romana-(lamb-alla-romana)
HankB stuffed pork tenderloin
WeberMD Xmas cook

General Awesome Threads

Weber Kettle Jewelry!
Beef and G meet up
What bbq gifts did you receive?
Bbqmiller snowed in Webers and Zavod44 Snowed in Kettles

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