Weber 22″ Copper OTG M/T

Custom Conversion  – Project “Jerome”

Owner: Winz

Custom Mod:  Using a Copper One Touch Silver as starting point, the concept was to create a Copper One Touch Gold M/T.  The kettle is designed as a matching companion kettle to Project “Bisbee”.

Story:  While building project “Bisbee”, the OTG ash assembly and lid holder from the donor black SS performer kettle were extra parts in need of a home.  They were subsequently installed in an existing OTS Copper kettle.  The ash bucked assembly was a very straight forward mod, however, the lid bale required drilling holes in the Copper kettle for the three mounting points.  Other modifications include new custom wood handles in walnut, painting the legs black, and replacement of the stock plastic wheels with new 6 inch steel wheels with rubber tread.  The wheels were painted copper to match the kettle.

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  • Tyler Link Reply

    this is one bad ass setup

  • Tyler Link Reply

    This is one bad ass setup!

  • ian Link Reply

    would you be willing to sell the kettle thats only a kettle if so pleas email me at both of them are awesome btw hope to hear from you soon and if you want to talk about it ill send you my number

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