Weber RotiPizza (WRP) Conversion

Owner: Prof

Custom Mod: Created a RotiPizza Oven similar to a Stacker and Kettle Pizza Oven

Story: The close collaboration of Prof and a few friends leads to the creation of a mix between the stacker Weber Rotisserie kit and Kettle Pizza Oven. This mod provides a stacker with a front opening to bake pizza and a top plate with an option to cook above the pizza as well. Prof’s stacker allows the kettle to be used as a regular stacker roti with the option to turn it into kettle pizza by installing a stainless steel plate to the upper level. The plate is laser cut with a rear door that allows you to refill the coals and is equipped with switches that open in a vertical position in order to protect the stone from the ashes released when refilling. The whole accessory is made ​​of stainless steel. There is also a stainless steel smoker box taking up the concept of the cast iron BBQDelight.

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  • Mike Link Reply

    Can you show more pictures of the overall design? I would like to make one of these on my own.

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