Weber Crate & Barrel Performer Wooden Table Mod

Owner: glrasmussen

Custom Mod: Greg took his 2010 Performer and turned it into a Crate & Barrel performer with a custom wooden table top

Story: After seeing some of the Crate & Barrel Lime Green Performers, Greg knew he was attracted to the unique color. Road hunting and CL searches came up empty but luckily he was granted an opportunity to purchase just a bowl and a lid from a fellow WKC member. Now the hunt was on for a performer cart. Another WKC member picked up a newer style performer and he only needed the bowl and a trade was made for the frame. Greg’s brother-in-law picked up some furniture grade Mahogany, sized at 1″ x 8″ x 10′ and a 1″ x 4″ x 6″. The 10′ board was cut up into three equal pieces, while the other board was cut in half. The tpieces were tacked together with a few S/S deck screws. With the table in hand he used the original plastic table as a template but made the wooden table a bit longer. Holes were marked, drilled and the table was then mounted. Lastly, the bowl area was cut out a bit in order to get enough relief from the heat of the kettle.

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  • Taz Link Reply

    I realize this was posted some time ago, but I just came across it. That’s a beautiful cooker after replacing that plastic table. I have the same Performer in blue and plan to do this as well. Great job!!

  • How much would you charge for a custom made one ?

  • Jake Link Reply

    Looks great. What did you finish the wood with?

  • Rex Link Reply

    Where can I buy?

  • Shane Link Reply

    does the performer cover still fit over the longer table?

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