WKC Posts of the Week – 2014-01-27

First of all I will point out that the title of this post uses an ISO 8601 standard format, making it understandable ’round the world. 😀 Next I will draw attention to the article on WKC member 1Buckie and referenced in this post. Buckie is the kind of guy who makes this site what it is. I always enjoy reading his posts that relate to cooking techniques. Next I will mention that the guys who keep adding pictures to the gallery have added more pictures to the gallery. Be sure to check them out.

Gallery Entries

1970′s Yellow 22 Weber kettle
1981 Smokey Joe – NIB
1970′s New red 22″ kettle
1973 Smokey Joe
Mid 60′s Easterner
1968-70, 22″ avacado kettle
1968-1970 18.5″ Avacado Kettle
Early 1970′s 22″ Yellow Kettle


jcnaz did Pork Sirloin, Bone-in on the WSM
Bbqmiller said Never mind the weather and cooked sausages and peppers.
mike.stavlund found A gold mine of beef, right under his nose.
MaxBobcat cooked Prime CenTex Brisket (and mixed in a family picture)

General Awesome Threads

Jeff started much discussion of the Red Q at Ace Hardware
Ramsfan (and others) have been combing Youtube hoping to find An interesting kettle screen shot… (more here.)
MaxBobcat shared [His] recent projects and scores
harris92 showed off a Vintage Go Anywhere and Smokey
Johnpv got lots of help Looking for recommendations on a side table for my 22.5 OTG
pbe gummi bear began a discussion about a Pizzahacker in SF
jocool continued the discussion of Show us your Boneyard with a trailer full of kettles.
If you can’t wait for your favorite grill to show up in the gallery, be sure to check out the showoff threads like the Avocado, Lemon & Lime Appreciation society.

I’m not going to single out any particular thread but I will note that in Introduce Yourself, January activity goes past the first page. If you want to say “Hi” to our new members, check it out.

Have a good week!

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