1975 New red 22″ kettle

Pictured here is a true classic almost out of the time machine. This is a patent number kettle that would be period correct for the years between 1973-1975. The grill owner is WKC member Harris92. The story behind this classic is that the grill was purchased (by an uncle) for the seller’s grandfather as a gift ~ 40 years ago. The grandfather past away shortly after receiving the gift. He never got a chance to open the box. It had been sitting in the uncle’s basement unused all these years. The uncle retired and is now downsizing. It’s amazing to think that there are still gems out there like this waiting to be found!

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  • Matt Link Reply

    Nice! My father in law still uses his that is a twin of this one. What was the selling price?

  • This beauty now resides in FL 😉

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