1975 Yellow 22 Weber kettle. “The Gourmet”

Pictured here is a patent number yellow 22″ kettle. With the “BAR-B-Q-KETTLE” style lid vent and the large bowl tabs on the daisy vents below, dates this particular grill around 1975. The grill is owned by WKC member Jeff. It’s all original and untouched with the except of a new wood handle from Brian along with new grates inside. Weber nicknamed the Yellow 22.5 “The Gourmet”

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  • Nick Diller Link Reply

    I have a yellow one, dating back to 1977. it came with the booklet, copyrighted 1977. Also the shish kabob which was a ring with slats for the skewers , mounted on the kettle like the present day rotisserie. Both the bowl and lid have dents, as you might expect and the bowl is pock marked with rust. But very usable. If these kettles are treated with any kind of respect, they indeed will last almost a lifetime.
    I gave it to my doctor. He loves it.
    Now it gets used for holidays only

  • Michele Link Reply

    I have this same grill and am looking to sale it. Any idea how much it is worth?

    • Matt Link Reply

      Michele – Did you ever get around to pricing yours or worse (for me) sell it. I’d be interested in hearing more about yours if you still have it…

  • My grandfather owned one, I bought it from him in the 80s. My ex wife ditched it when we moved because a leg was broke. I mourned. When we divorced I went searching and found one with the identical chips and rust spots 100 miles away and bought it. I cherish it. I love knowing it’s ready to rock when the yellow turns orange.

    • Jeff Link Reply

      Hi John
      Thanks for the comment. So that didn’t happen to be the same yellow grill did it? Now that would be cool if it was. Glad you got another yellow to enjoy. They are definitely hard to find!

  • juliet Link Reply

    How do I buy a yellow grill

    • Jeff Link Reply

      Hi Juliet
      Weber stopped making the yellow kettle like you see here back in the mid 1970s. They are VERY hard to find and very uncommon. Don’t have any production numbers from Weber on how many were made…but its not many. You’ll need to have a bit of luck on your side to find one, or have a WKC member that might want to sell theirs. Good luck

    • Scott Link Reply

      Hi Juliet, i have a yellow Weber Kettle. Text me , 440 356 8811 or email mcsterbell@gmail I’m thinking of selling it. Scott

  • Butch Link Reply

    Wow. That’s a beauty. I ran across a 1970s Yellow 18-inch “Yachtsman” the other day that someone had put out for the garbage pickup. I saved the trash man the trouble and threw it in the back of the SUV. It’s in semi-rough shape so it needs some TLC. Never tried restoring one before, but I’ll try anything once. Considering what I paid for it…

    Question, I know several wood lid handle styles are available, some with the Weber name and some plain. Looks like the original was plain? Mine just has the steel frame remaining.

    Also, any advice, once I clean off the rust, how to keep it from rusting again? There’s rust around the rim of the bowl, a couple of small spots on the lid, and then some around the leg holes. I’m going to clean it all up, then….some oil? I don’t want to mess it up with some kind of paint…

  • Jennifer Cleary Link Reply

    I have one I got from my grandma. She kept it on her patio for a few years and then in her garage for over 25 years after her husband died. I am not a collector and just bought a table top portable grill, so I would like to sell the Weber. I believe it is from around 1975. It has the patten 3538906. I would upload pics, but do not see an option for attachments. Anyone interested may email me for pics- email4jcleary@gmail.com. Put “grill” in headline so I don’t delete your mail.

  • Rod Link Reply

    I have a yellow 22″ I would like to sell. It is in very good condition for the age. All vents move freely

    • Mike Link Reply

      I’m interested in a yellow kettle grill if anyone has one to sell. Please email me at mperkins70@gmail.com


    • Kip Link Reply

      If available, what is the asking price with delivery to AZ?

  • jake Link Reply

    I came across an old Yellow weber kettle. Looks like its from the 60s. Very clean for it’s age. wondering what it might be worth.

  • David Link Reply

    I’m looking for a yellow 22” kettle. Please let me know if you have one you want to sell or are thinking about it. Yellows can be hard to find so I’m happy to pay accordingly. Thanks to all who read this.

  • David Thompson Link Reply

    I just posted a 1975 New In Box yellow on ebay if anyone is interested.

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