Late 60s-1971 Brown Smokey Joe

Listed is a new, late 60s very early 70s brown Smokey Joe with offset top handle that is owned by WKC member Jeff. This grill has a speckled finish inside on the lid and bowl. The three legs screw into the bowl individually and are held stable by a trianglular metal ring. This grill also features 3 separate daisy wheel vents on the bowl. This leg style precedes the folding style seen in the 1972 catalog.

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  • AuctionAnniePro Link Reply

    Does anyone know the style number of the 1974 Smokey Joe? Also, does anyone know the market price value of this model unassembled – all parts included – in the orginal box?

    Thank You,

    • jeff Link Reply

      When you are referring to a “style number” of the grill, are you asking for a model number? I own this particular brown Smokey Joe and unfortunately the original box does not have the model number on it. In regards to a value of this particular grill, there are many factors that determine that. Age, color, condition, and even the time of year you try and sell it can influence price. What I can tell you is that a new red Smokey Joe of close to exact vintage, in the factory box recently sold on Ebay for over 300. This is not to say yours may or may not go that high, but you should get a fair amount of interest should you choose to sell it.

  • I just picked one up. Email me if you are interested. Thanks

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