2015 Weber Charcoal Grills – Lineup Changes, accessories, etc

2015 is an exciting model year for Weber. They’ve obviously been listening closely to what the Weber Kettle Club community is saying, as they’ve answered SEVERAL of our most common complaints and requests. Maybe we’ll have some cool European Weber colors soon?

Changes to 2015 Weber Grills

Performer Deluxe – The metal tabled performer

A couple months ago the WKC scored the very first Weber Performer Deluxe. It was used by one of Weber’s official GrillMasters and WKC member, Mike Lang of Another Pint Please during a photo/video shoot for Weber.

WKC co-founder Brian wrote a full review.

2015 Performer Deluxe significant changes:
– METAL work surface (major upgrade over the plastic)
– gourmet cooking grate included
– bigger lid bale, so the lid opens much wider
– bold on handle

The Return of the Weber MasterTouch

The new, taller, 2015 Master Touch

The new, taller, 2015 Master Touch

The MasterTouch, which went away in 1999, has made its triumphant return. Just like the version from the 90s, it comes equipped with a lid thermometer, removable high capacity ash catcher, and a lid bale system to make lid opening easy and efficitient. But that’s not all!! The 2015 Mastertouch comes with the Weber Gourmet Grate (a $35 value) ANNNNND an elusive Weber Warming Rack – which hasn’t been available in the USA for more than a decade. Equipped with longer legs and bigger wheels, the 2015 Weber Mastertouch sits nearly 4 inches higher than a standard one-touch silver or gold. Unfortunately, it’s only available in black – but at $199 shipped it’s a fantastic value. It’s already on my Christmas wish list.

Name changes for One-Touch Silver and One-Touch Gold
Weber has decided to change the names of their grills. This will be difficult for enthusiasts, as we’ve built a language around OTS and OTG.
The One Touch Silver (OTS) is now the “Original Kettle.” The One Touch Gold (OTG) is now the “Premium Kettle.”
The “one touch” term is gone completely from the name and from the box.

Feature Changes

  • Handles are no longer welded on. Instead, they are bolted on – and installed by the consumer instead of factory. This was quite controversial when we discovered back in August, here -> Weber bolt on handles.
  • Lid orientation: the handle is now perpendicular to the vent and the thermo. This significantly changes the ergonomics of lid usage, specifically when you are trying to hook the lid onto the side of the bowl.
  • Button locked legs – legs now lock into the socket with a spring button system. This should fix the issue of losing a leg when picking up or rolling around a grill.
  • Upgraded enclosed ash catcher – The new ash catcher has a few nice refinements. The edges are flared for easier re-attachment of ash bucket. The locking mechanism is also no longer twist-based. The new one locks into place with tension of the two handle rods, and unlocks by physically squeezing the two rods of the handle together (single hand).
  • Wheel change – the new wheels have a rounded tread. No idea why 🙂
  • New & Improved Weber Accessories

    The new covers are made from polyester instead of vinyl. The new material promises to be more durable and flexible in low temperatures. This is fantastic news, as even the premium covers only seem to last for two midwestern winters. (22″ cover here)
    There’s also a special cover for the taller mastertouch grill.

    That’s all for now – if we hear anything about updated smokey joes or Weber Smokey Mountain we will update this post. (Weber should be updating their site and announcing these grills soon)

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    • Dustin Flavell Link Reply

      Well almost all our wishes. Still would like to see a 26.75″performer!

      • troy Link Reply

        Make mine a YELLOW 26.75″ Performer Deluxe 🙂

    • Andy Blakely Link Reply

      Black has never looked better on a kettle. The new MasterTouch reminds me of a mean looking sports car; the silver trim and black body look amazing together! *drool*

    • Bill Pudim Link Reply

      When will the Weber Pizza be available in the US ?

    • Greg-S Link Reply

      i’d be happy with a 26 that isn’t black.

      ivory, lemongrass, blue wave, spring green = all need to be here in the US!!

    • Alan F. Link Reply

      I’m ready to replace my Weber gas grill that is 10 years old and go back to my favorite charcoal grilling however I wish that this came in other colors like forest green

    • Major Q Link Reply

      Yeah ….that would be a nice color,
      Forest (Forester) green.

    • Major Q Link Reply

      Yeah…that’s a great idea for a cool color.
      Forest Green (egg corn green)
      I’ll buy one

    • Major Q Link Reply

      Yeah…that’s a great idea for a new color.
      Forest Green (egg corn green)
      I’ll buy one

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