End of an Era? Weber switching to bolt-on handles

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s been reported by WKC member SixFourZero that Weber has indeed moved away from welding on the lid handle.
It has been replaced with a bolt on version.

This is the biggest design change we’ve EVER seen to the iconic Weber kettle grill.

Weber lid bolt on handle (no weld)

Just a bunch of holes.

I’m sure there is manufacturing advantages to this, as well as shipping advantages.

European kettles have been like this for a number of years. Has Weber done field and durability testing on this?
How do you feel about this significant change?

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  • Eugene Apicella Link Reply

    I must be of the new era. My kettle came with handles that are bolted on. The only concern I would have with welded handles is — what happens when the welds don’t hold anymore? Drill holes and bolt on the handles? Eliminate the middle part, and go right to the end — bolted on handles.

    • troy Link Reply

      Eugene is your kettle a 22″?
      You have a good point. I don’t think those welds fail very often, I’ve seen a lot of super old ratty kettles, but only a few that needed handle repair.

  • Hofy Link Reply

    Is the new bolt on handle also using the ugly heat shield?

  • Dirk Link Reply

    Yeah, the new handles come with the ugly heat shields.
    Here in Germany the bolt on variant is the regular model which is sold everywhere.
    OTGs are nearly not available anymore.
    I was lucky to get an old OTG on ebay, for a good price.

  • charred Link Reply

    Hmmm. The lid-handle weld rusted out on one of my SSPs- naturally the good folks at Weber CS sent a new lid, gratis.

    Not sure how I feel about the switch.

  • nick diller Link Reply

    I have a ’73 (Or 74..the fella who gave me the grill was not sure)
    But last year, one of the handle welds came lose and the buddies at the autobody shop welded it back on better than new. If you have the problem, check with an auto body shop near you. I say it never hurts to ask..maybe a rib reward. It worked for me

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