1965-66 Weber Westerner

1963 Westerner steer head

1963 Westerner steer head

This grill, the 26″ Weber Westerner, is likely one of the most iconic, vintage, and sought after Weber kettles ever produced. What makes this grill so unique is its rarity, its two toned Chestnut Coppertone paint scheme with brown longhorn steers on the bowl, and that it was only made in the 26.75″ size. No production numbers are available, but they are very limited. The earliest versions of the Westerner featured a metal top handle in its first year and would have been produced at the Wood Dale, Illinois plant. The last year of production was most likely 1968. This featured grill is 1 of 3 that we have been able to document in some capacity, and most likely is the finest example in existence.

The Story
The seller of this magnificent grill came to the Weber Kettle Club to assist him in determining what exactly he had, and ultimately sell it for his friend that decided it was time to downsize his storage and see this grill go to someone that would appreciate it for what it is. This grill was featured on Ebay in early February of 2014 and will surely prove, based on the final sales price, that the kettle collecting hobby is alive and very well. Unfortunately its not as easy as it used to be find a sweet “old” colored grill.

Did you know this grill could have been purchased for the price of 74.95 in 1963? If we only could have known what would be…
There obviously will be only one winner of this grill and hopefully it will be one of our members. The only certainty at this point is that they will be paying a little more than 74.95!!

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  • Dennis Link Reply

    I recently purchased a Westerner and want to know what price the gentleman sold the one he auctioned on eBay . I have debated on selling it but didn’t realize the rarety.

    • Dennis Link Reply

      Believe this to be a 1958 model because it boasts metal handle.

      • Dennis Link Reply

        Been attempting to post a pic but this forum won’t seem to allow it.

  • Randy Whitten Link Reply

    I am in search of a Weber Westerner grill w/ Longhorn motif. I have an original from, 1965, was a 10 year Anniversary gift tomy parents in 1965. I’ve been trying time restore to it’s original condition but am not havin much luck. I’d like to find another, not having much luck there also. Any ideas, please forward.

  • nancy van meter Link Reply

    i have a westener im in northern wi. it was my parents it is in good condition i think its a 1965

  • Erwin Link Reply

    Hi guys, I’m in Perth western Australia and this is my unicorn. …. if anyone has any leads or has one they want to sell them let me know plz …. the search continues

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