WKC Posts of the Week, 2014-02-17

Winter is slowly loosing it’s grip in the US Midwest. I know it is even though we are expecting 4″-8″ (100cm-200cm) of snow today. On the other hand, we have no sub-zero temperatures predicted and may actually see the high go above freezing this week (for the first time since January 15.) Yay! Meanwhile, things are really heating up in the Weber Kettle Collector Corner. (New acronym: WKCC 😉 ) That Westerner listed on eBay sold for $2,414! (Who guessed how high it would go?)There is no remaining doubt that Weber kettles are now collectibles. In our own corner of the webverse we had an extended discussion about the etiquette of listing Craigslist sales in the Trading Post.

Modifications, Restoration and Accessories

lemisfits wonders if it is OK to add a thermometer.
Duke posts up about a brown Euro-kettle.
JDLones asks about the value of the Smokenator.
DirectDrive asked about porcelain repair.
Winz showed of an awesome SS table extension.
NeoTrout shares some scans of an old (“The one. The only.”) brochure.
MartyG wonders if the new Crimson is red enough.
Winz asks about converting an OTS to an OTG.

Recent Acquisitions and Sales

Winz asks for helpacquires his grail – a 26″ Westerner and the rest of the story.
toddmog adds a brand spankin’ new red performer to his collection.
tb80 found an 18 WSM for $75.
Jaronimo spotted copper kettles and Performers for sale.

Cooking Techniques and Great Results

G shares his technique for smoking on a flat top 26 and discusses our preference for spares vs. baby back ribs.
BigRix asks for (and gets) help with Fillet Mignon.
1buckie spatchcocked a bunny with 12 thighs. (Wait… What?)
spinsheet did not let a foot of snow stop him from grilling a duck.
Bman does some great looking salmon with sides and even dessert on his red SS performer.
OoPEZoO tries to force spring with the right kind of grilling.
HankB started a discussion on firebrick and pizza stones.
Troy’s Prime tritip looked really good.
JDLones did some good looking steaks on his kettle.
Peaspurple braved a foot of snow to cook a chicken on the rotisserie.

There are lots of other threads that got attention or were started this week. Check out your favorite forum to see what else is going on.

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