1960’s Weber Galley Que

This little jewel is owned by WKC member Pezdogs in Australia. It is a 1960’s Galley Que that was designed for grilling on a boat.

The color was called Sea Foam Aqua. It was one of the first Smokey Joe models made by Weber. It featured dual chrome gimbals that were designed to keep the grill level at all times. It came with a gimball cleat that could secure it to a special boat bracket. The bracket would attach to a pole or wall of the boat.

This was Weber’s first ever enclosed ash catcher. It was a chrome plated cup designed to catch and retain ashes/sparks for safety. The Galley Que had four legs versus three for stability on a moving boat. The four chrome legs screwed into posts that were welded onto the bowl. The price for a Galley Que in the 1962 Weber catalog was $34.95.

Outside of Weber catalogs, could this be the only photo documenting an actual cook on a 60’s Galley Que?

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  • Andy Link Reply

    My Dad had a black one on the rear of his sailboat, which was moored on Lake Michigan in Burnham Park harbor in Chicago.

    He only used it when the boat was docked.

    We have been a Weber family since the 60s.

    I wondered when one would show up here.

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