1963 Flamenco

This is the first Flamenco to be seen on the WKC Forum and at this time, one of only three known to exist. It popped up on Facebook Marketplace, listed as a fire pit table. WKC member azbeeking is now the owner of this rare piece of Weber history. It is believed to have been [...]


Using a remote thermometer on a rotisserie

One of the challenges in using a rotisserie is how to obtain the internal finish temperature of what is being cooked. The usual method is to calculate an estimated finish time, then begin probing the meat about 1/2 hour earlier with a thermometer until the desired finish temp is reached. This works but requires turning [...]


How to Grill Fish and get a CRISPY SKIN

Looking for that Asian-style crispy skinned fish without wasting a pan full of oil and stinking up your kitchen? Do it on your Weber charcoal grill and get a super crispy skin and crazy moist interior! To get that nice crispy skin on our grilled fish we’re going to grill the fish as close to the [...]


NEW! Thermoworks Signals – 4 Probe WiFi BBQ Thermometer Review

Thermoworks Signals – 4-Probe BBQ Thermometer + WiFi + BlueTooth The Signals is the newest wireless BBQ thermometer from Thermoworks. It’s available NOW for $229 and comes in 9 different colors. What’s Included: 3 Pro-grade Food Probes 1 Pro-grade air temp / pit probe grate clip to mount pit probe colored probe ID rings USB-C [...]


1962 Ambassador

This beauty is a 1962 Ambassador.  The color was called yellow ochre in the 1962 Weber Catalog and was priced at $54.95.  It is one of only 5  Ambassadors known to be in possession of WKC members.  What makes this one special is not only its pristine condition but as of now is the only [...]

Weber Ambassador - Ochre yellow vintage 8 comments

Malory Cast Iron Grates vs KillaGrilla Heavy Duty Stainless Grates

I consider these two cooking grates the best options available for the Weber charcoal grill. Upgrading the cooking grate is a quick and easy way to improve your grill and up your grilling game. Weber does not make a complete cast iron grate. Here’s a complete list of cooking grate upgrades for the Weber kettle. [...]


1956-57 Weber Brothers Orange and Black Speckled Custom

This stunning piece of kettle history was found in a storage unit in Minnesota and is owned by WKC member, Saxart.  This very unique color is described as “bright burnt orange” and the finish has a bumpy texture.  The lid and bowl are in incredible condition for their age, however, the legs and wheels were [...]

Orange and Black Speckled Custom lid handle 3 comments

Best Cast Iron Grates for Weber Charcoal Grills

Cast iron grates are a great way to up your grilling level. Cast iron has a much higher thermal capacity than the standard grill grates. When that heat is unleashed onto a juicy porterhouse, the result is an amazing set of dark mahogany grill marks that only cast iron grates can offer. The Weber charcoal [...]


Slow N Sear Buyers Guide

What is the Slow N Sear? The Slow N Sear is a multi-function charcoal divider for the Weber charcoal grill. The Slow N Sear dramatically improves the cooking experience for both grilling and smoking on the Weber kettle. The Slow N Sear sits snugly into the Weber kettle grill and creates a perfect two-zone setup. [...]

Weber Slow N Sear 3 comments

Best BBQ Pit Probes and Grilling Thermometers

A reliable and accurate thermometer is a MUST-HAVE for grilling and barbecue. Professional chefs and pitmasters rely on two different types of thermometers. The instant-read thermometers and wireless bbq thermometers on this page have been tested and approved by myself and the Weber Kettle Club community. Looking for a Wireless BBQ Pit probe or wifi [...]