Vintage Avocado Weber Kettle Auction to benefit WKC

The Weber Kettle Club has had a kettle donated to the club to fund special projects for 2017. The kettle is a Pat Pending Avocado The kettle is in good shape considering that it is 48 years old.  Please review pics, it is in good condition but a little more RRR would really make this [...]


Weber Performer Table Restoration

Anyone have a Weber with the fiberglass/resin table? You know the grey plastic ones. They came standard on One Touch Platinum’s, gassers, Gen #2 Performers and Weber side tables. If left exposed to the sun, they had a tendency to fade, become real light in color and the finish would become rough. They also are [...]


1969 Weber Catalog

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Vintage Weber Grill Image Gallery


Weber Q – History and Model Comparison

In 2003 Weber introduced a line of grills called simply the Q. Weber has been long known for its charcoal kettle grills as well is the Spirit, Genesis and Summit line of gas grills but the Q series is a bit of an anomaly.  The smallest of the line know as the baby Q (100/1000 [...]


Thermoworks SMOKE – FIRST LOOK and unboxing

I got my hands on the new SMOKE from Thermoworks. It’s their new wireless dual probe bbq thermometer. It retails for $99 and is Sorry for the language, I got pretty excited when I realized how nice this device is.


Kettle Pizza Winners Announced

Pizza month was epic! Kettle Pizza sponsored a month long pizza cook off event and donated THREE of their top-of-the-line Serious Eats Edition Kettle Pizza kits. All of the judging and winner selection was done by the folks over at Kettle Pizza. There was just no way I could have judged this contest objectively. We [...]


September is Mod Month

  It is that time of year to show off all your hard work and dedication to making the best and most versitle outdoor cooker even better. We are dedicating September this year to Mod Month, member Marty started this a few years back and we are continuing the tradition. We want pics of your [...]

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Kettle Pizza Review: Weber Grill Pizza Oven

The Weber charcoal grill is one of the most versatile cookers available. Right out of the box, without spending a dime on gadgets or accessories, the Weber kettle can do pretty much anything – including make a damn good pizza. This has been my mantra for years, and for good reasons. Avoiding novelties and luxury [...]


The Weber Waffle and Sandwich Maker #8849 (Euro)

Sadly this awesome little contraption is yet another Weber accessory that is currently only sold in Europe (C’mon Weber – you’re killing us!) But thankfully after a quick google search I was able to order one through Amazon Italy and a week later it arrived on my doorstep. No – this is not the cheapest waffle iron [...]

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