“Patent Pending” Fleetwood, with rare rotisserie

When this first appeared on WKC’s radar, forum members collectively held their breath. Who picked it up, and why did we want to see more? It’s because rotisseries can produce cooking magic, and Weber’s rotisserie accessory for the 26.75″ kettle is a rare bird indeed.

SteveZ soon presented his cleaned, scrubbed, and buffed machine. Wow! Rumor has it, he could easily spin 4 chickens at once on it.

“Patent Pending” (stamped on the lid vent) dates this large “metal bowl handle” (MBH) grill to 1969, 1970, or 1971. Notice also the early (steel, not plastic) wheels.



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  • nick griller diller Link Reply

    Wow! I did not realize Weber made the rotisserie for the 26.75

    I have not heard, but are they going to make them again for the 26’s?
    No word from Weber. first any patient pending grill is a find and with a rotisserie is quite a find. Congratulations.

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