Weber Performer Table Restoration

Anyone have a Weber with the fiberglass/resin table? You know the grey plastic ones. They came standard on One Touch Platinum’s, gassers, Gen #2 Performers and Weber side tables. If left exposed to the sun, they had a tendency to fade, become real light in color and the finish would become rough. They also are susceptible to scratching and rust staining. Here is a method I found that works in restoring them.

Equipment required:

• disposable filter mask
• fine sand paper (150 to 220 grade)
• sanding block
• #0000 steel wool
• clean rags
• hand dust brush
• 303 Protectant Spray

For light sun damage or rust stains, I found that a lite sanding with very fine sandpaper and a final sanding with #0000 steel wool worked fine. I sand until the stain is no longer visible or the roughness of the surface feels smooth. Use of a mask is important as you don’t want to be breathing in any fiberglass dust.

For deep scratches or extremely heavy sun damage, multiple sanding with 150 grade sand paper is sometimes required.

Once the scratch is no longer visible, move up to sanding with 220 grade sand paper. You will find the sand paper clogs quickly with sanding residue but by banging on it with the handle of the hand broom, it will clean out for continued use.

A final sanding with #0000 steel wool usually gives it a like new, smooth finish.

You will find the dust piles up quickly. Use of a dust brush is useful in keeping the surface clean. After the final sanding with steel wool, I wipe down the surface with a damp rag or towel. The final step is to apply the 303 Protectant. I use a 4 or 5 inch square section of rag, spraying the 303 onto the rag, then applying it to the table surface. I found that if it is sprayed on the surface directly, it tends to overspray onto the kettle. It won’t harm the porcelain but creates another area to be cleaned. 303 Protectant has fantastic UV protection, does not attract dust and is free of grease-producing silicone oils and petroleum distillates. Not trying to sell the product but I have used it over 25 years in marine and automotive applications.

The restorative qualities of it on vinyl, rubber, Plexiglas or helmet visors is amazing. You be the judge.

Another restoration using the sanding technique and 303 Protectant


It also works on the wheels and plastic support bracing on the Performers.

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  • pattie Link Reply

    I need to find replacement legs for this type…ours are all rusted out

  • claudio Link Reply


    can you please tell me the model number for the last Weber performer with the before and after picture as i have just purchased one but cant seem to find it anywhere.



  • ahecht Link Reply

    You could go through all this trouble, or you could just call up Weber and order a metal replacement table top for $50 and not have to worry about it ever again.

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