Green Weber Grill Gallery

Weber still offers the Dark Green charcoal grills, the color was introduced in 1979 (A code) and has seen minor variation in pigment/dye lot. The Dark Green’s made since the late 90s have a slightly darker green finish than the earlier dark green models. In the 1979 catalog it was called Dark Green, however in the 1981 catalog it was called “Forrest Green”.

The earliest green kettles Weber made were the Avocado Green kettles. Introduced around 1967 and available through 1973. This had a super cool “mist” or two tone finish that varied in visibility through its production run. Avocado Green was replaced in 1974 by Key Lime Green and that finish was available through around 1978 when it was replaced with the current Dark Green the following year.


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  • John Link Reply

    Just came across a avocado green 22″ Weber kettle. Top vent has no pat pending so would this fall between a 67-68 for year made? Read that the avocado green came out in 1967 and the pat pending started in 69.

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