Vintage Weber Grill Gallery

The Weber Kettle Club Community certainly owns more vintage Weber grills and vintage bbq accessories than ANY other community – now its time to showcase the pride we put into our motto.
Rescue. Restore. Respect.

If you’d like your rare Weber grill photos to be added to the gallery contact us or post in the forum!

"The Traveler" (red/black)

“The Traveler” (red/black)

Pictured on page 8 of the 1966 Weber catalog are Weber Fireplace Barbecue Kettles. Model #'s FBK-430 and FBK 530 ...
1960's Weber Galley Que

1960’s Weber Galley Que

This little jewel is owned by WKC member Pezdogs in Australia. It is a 1960's Galley Que that was designed ...
1970 DEMO kettle

1970 DEMO kettle

In the early days of Weber, kettles were marketed and sold by traveling salesman. They would put on cooking demonstrations ...
1975 Key Lime

1975 Key Lime

This unused 1975 Key Lime is owned by WKC member Rub. Following up on a lead provided by WKC founder ...
1980 Green MBH - (18")

1980 Green MBH – (18″)

This dark green color was first introduced in 1979. In 1981, the change to using wooden bowl handles meant this ...
1964 - The Penthouse

1964 – The Penthouse

Yes, The Penthouse actually does exist. This NOS one is currently up for auction on Ebay. As shown in the ...
1963 Flamenco

1963 Flamenco

This is the first Flamenco to be seen on the WKC Forum and at this time, one of only three ...
Weber Ambassador - Ochre yellow vintage

1962 Ambassador

This beauty is a 1962 Ambassador.  The color was called yellow ochre in the 1962 Weber Catalog and was priced ...
Orange and Black Speckled Custom lid handle

1956-57 Weber Brothers Orange and Black Speckled Custom

This stunning piece of kettle history was found in a storage unit in Minnesota and is owned by WKC member, ...
1973 Yellow Offset Handle Smokey Joe

1973 Yellow Offset Handle Smokey Joe

When member Chiku18 alerted me to this Smokey Joe box with model number SJ-120, I searched through all the old ...