1958 Weber Catalog

A 1958 Weber Catalog has just surfaced. Thanks to Mike Dejong of Pure Smoke BBQ for sharing images of the brochure. This brochure has revealed some Weber marketing nicknames not known or forgotten until now. What we know as Custom kettles apparently had names given to them by Weber. The 22″ was the Suburbanite and [...]


Smoking Ribs on the 26″ Weber using Lump Charcoal and Slow N Sear

This is my 3rd cook in the new Glen Blue. This grill sold out in 24 hours of release and Weber recently launched another round of their 26″ Glen Blue Imperial. I use the Slow N Sear in ALL of my colorful Weber kettles to prolong the porcelain and improve the cooking performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPZYBbHhVRU&feature=youtu.be Smoking [...]

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Restoring original Weber metal wheels.

The wheels featured in this article were in pretty bad shape. Depending on the condition of your wheels, some of these steps may not be needed. These wheels ended up being a worse case scenario. Tools and Materials Needed -Evapo-Rust / blue painters tape -Hand drill / dust mask -wire wheel attachment / eye protection [...]


“The Traveler” (red/black)

Pictured on page 8 of the 1966 Weber catalog are Weber Fireplace Barbecue Kettles. Model #’s FBK-430 and FBK 530 had a red lid with a black bowl. It is believed that Weber sporadically used this color combination of a red lid and black bowl for a couple of years around 1966 for both the [...]

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Weber BLOWS OUR MIND with 26″ Glen Blue Imperial

Collecting Weber grills wasn’t a thing until the Weber Kettle Club came along, and now Weber is officially embracing the movement with the release of a 26″ Glen Blue. Order your 26″ Glen Blue Here This is the first time Weber has made a non-black 26″ grill in nearly 3 decades, while the light “Glen [...]


1960’s Weber Galley Que

This little jewel is owned by WKC member Pezdogs in Australia. It is a 1960’s Galley Que that was designed for grilling on a boat. The color was called Sea Foam Aqua. It was one of the first Smokey Joe models made by Weber. It featured dual chrome gimbals that were designed to keep the [...]

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1970 DEMO kettle

In the early days of Weber, kettles were marketed and sold by traveling salesman. They would put on cooking demonstrations at hardware and department stores, passing out Weber brochures on how to order them. Weber provided these salesman with kettles to use during their demonstrations. The kettles had the letters DEMO imprinted on them. Here [...]

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New COLORS AVAILABLE! Weber Charcoal Grill Colors for 2019

May 7, 2019 – Weber has given us a bone! For the last decade Weber Kettle Club’s hardcore grill collectors have begged, pleaded, and even traveled overseas to acquire a grill of color. Today Weber has announced FOUR NEW COLORS to the Weber Charcoal lineup! Ivory, Lime Green, Slate, and the elusive Smoke colored charcoal [...]


1975 Key Lime

This unused 1975 Key Lime is owned by WKC member Rub. Following up on a lead provided by WKC founder Troy, Rub was able to secure it with help from a friend. Of course it came with a vintage Weber cover. Find out why this kettle is called “Marge’s Undercover Lime”. Read the full story [...]

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1980 Green MBH – (18″)

This dark green color was first introduced in 1979. In 1981, the change to using wooden bowl handles meant this color was only produced for two years as a metal bowl handle model. I recently acquired this one from long time WKC member landgraftj. He came into possession of it soon after joining the WKC [...]