22″ Weber Kettle Gallery

The 22″ Weber charcoal grill is the standard size and they’ve been produced in many colors and model variations. While most are the standard 3-legged iconic model, a few vintage Weber cart models also exist.

Prior to 1964, the 22.5 kettles had metal lid handles instead of wood. .


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  • Kent Fischer Link Reply

    I have a red Budwiser charcoal Weber Kettle that has a 22″ diameter.

    I have 3 handles that are wood that need to be replaced. There is one single wood screw connecting the pieces together. The smaller piece of wood between the metal pieces connected to the actual kettle is 4″ long. I need to replace all three.

    The inside sweepers to remove the burnt charcoal are missing, but I know that they were on the inside and were “long” pieces of metal that covered each hole. There are no “covers” on the outside of the kettle. This item needs to be replaced also.

    I can’t seem to find those exact items on your website.

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