Support WKC

The Weber Kettle Club was started to collect knowledge and experience of “kettle heads” – that is, Weber charcoal grill (kettle) collectors, cookers, and enthusiasts.

Originally costs where minimal and a few small donations typically offset any out-of-pocket expenses I occurred. The site has grown quickly, and with it, grew the costs of operation.

The Weber Kettle Club remains in operation thanks to support by its members!

There are multiple ways for you to support the site:

1.  Donate.

Cash funds are always welcome. Money is used to pay for hosting (bandwidth, etc). Any additional will go into reserve or be used to grow the site.

2. Go Shopping

That’s right. The WKC has an affiliate partnership with a few online stores. If you click through one of the links below and buy from their online store, the WKC gets a small (ahem, very small) portion of the sale. I vow to never go around posting these links in the forums, that’s spammy and lame. But next time you’re going to buy something from Amazon or Ebay or anywhere else – hit up this page and see if you can help keep the lights on!


There are literally THOUSANDS of stores I could add. Don’t see the one you want, leave a comment and I can try to add it.