1980 Green MBH – (18″)

This dark green color was first introduced in 1979. In 1981, the change to using wooden bowl handles meant this color was only produced for two years as a metal bowl handle model.

I recently acquired this one from long time WKC member landgraftj. He came into possession of it soon after joining the WKC in 2012. The original two rivet handle appears to have been repaired somewhere along the line. Landgraftj tells me it was like this when he acquired it. The nuts are recessed into the bottom section of the handle.

The legs have sections of copper tubing inside. Landgraftj tells me the legs also were like this when he got it. This modification was apparently an old school WKC solution to solving loose legs in the bowl sockets.

Although there may be more undeclared examples, I am aware of only a handful of these 18″ green MBHs in the WKC.

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  • I too have a 1980 18″ kettle, although mine is not show room clean.
    I use mine a great deal. It’s ideal for 2 people cooking, Just the right size. In a Couple weeks I’ll put Easy-Off oven cleaner on it and really make it show room attractive.
    I acquired it in November 2017 from a neighbor who was moving. She called me at 8:30 in the morning to ask if I still collected Weber Kettles, (I’ve had as many as 18, now 8). So I walked down to her house and was floored when I saw it in the back of a garage.
    Needless to say, she got a big hug and I took it home and scrubbed it clean to see what I had. mint condition, tight vents and an ideal size to cook for two. Now, If someone would show how to post photos on this website, I will send some

    • Tim Harter Link Reply

      I found another product I can recommend over Easy Off, it is called Carbon Off and can be found in restaurant supply companies and on Amazon. I think you’ll like it better than other products.

  • Cellar2ful Link Reply

    Hi Griller Diller. To post photos on the WKC Forum, you have to utilize a image hosting site. I use the WKC pics site. You will have to create an account but it is free.


    This thread on posting photos on the Forum might also be helpful.


  • I have a Weber grill that I bought back in 1995?
    It sits about 22in tall total with lid on. With lid off and tucked inverted into the bowl….I can stand this upright in the trunk of an older 2003 Audi A6.

    I’m needing to find a new cooking grate and all I can ever find are 18.5in ( too small ) or 19.5in ( too big ).

    Any suggestions????

    Thank you


  • Also…would someone be able to recommend a professional restorer???
    I really like my kettle ( I believe it’s an outrider I bought in 1995 from brookstone ).
    Weber green..wooden handle. I believe the grate is 19 inches as the 18.5in grate seems too small.



    • Cellar2ful Link Reply

      Hi J. Your “Outrider” kettle uses a cooking grate specific to that model. The part #66913 can be ordered directly from Weber CS by phone (800-446-1071). The part number is not listed online and most customer service reps have a difficult time finding the part and part number. I don’t know of any professional restorers but where are you located? There is probably local Weber Kettle Club members in your area that might be willing to help you with restoring your green Outrider.

  • Sam Eyles Link Reply

    I have an unused b code mbh green 18, magnificent kettle.

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