1958 Weber Catalog

A 1958 Weber Catalog has just surfaced. Thanks to Mike Dejong of Pure Smoke BBQ for sharing images of the brochure. This brochure has revealed some Weber marketing nicknames not known or forgotten until now. What we know as Custom kettles apparently had names given to them by Weber. The 22″ was the Suburbanite and the 18″ was the Californian. Also, the Westerner model we have come to know was previously assigned to another kettle model. Looks like we will have to update the WKC Vintage Names Reference Library.

Take a look back at what shopping for a Weber in 1958 would be like.

In later years, the Westerner name was apparently re assigned to another kettle we are more familiar with (hint – it involved horns).

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  • What a find! The new found names of these grills is amazing! The Custom Chromoveil was called a marbleized finish by Weber-Stephen,so cool! Thank you for sharing Mike along with WKC!

  • Ed Reilly Link Reply

    I think the kids are Jim and his sister, and the lady in black is Marge.
    The guy sitting down might be Ed, the sales manager. I don’t recognize the two at the grill, maybe paid models.

    I’ve got the urge to try Rosin potatoes now!

  • Joe Link Reply

    The one with the Weber adding zest to family room BBQ parties has me a bit befuddled, not sure I’d grill in the house. Love that the wall-mounted rifle rack was such a normal home accessory that it was included in the vignette drawing.

    • leeharvey418 Link Reply

      Well, when everybody was smoking in the family room, the Kettle cooking away wasn’t such a big deal.

  • Joe Link Reply

    That black and yellow is sick looking!

  • leeharvey418 Link Reply

    I was going to say they were pretty ambitious back then – saying you could feed up to 10 people off an 18″ grill. Then I remember feeding half a dozen last night off a Smokey Joe.

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