Another reason to LOVE Weber

It’s pretty obvious that we LOVE Weber here. I mean, a community of 12,000 people all here because they love the Weber charcoal grill – that says a lot.

Why? Weber stands behind their products. Our forums and many others are filled with glorious tales of amazing customer service.

Here’s a great example that happened just a couple weeks ago….

This is doug, pay no attention to The Matrix trilogy on his face.

This is doug, pay no attention to The Matrix trilogy on his face.

Doug Bratman is a man who has only bought Weber grills, and son of a man who also only bought Weber grills. Doug would fit in well here.

Doug’s 5-year old Weber Spirit gas grill had unfortunately rusted out in a few spots. His second set of flavorizer bars were toast, the storage door had rusted off, and the drip pan was falling off. Unfortunately the issues with the 5 year old Spirit gasser were not covered by warranty.

Doug's Spirit has clearly taken a beating

Doug’s Spirit has clearly taken a beating

Doug was disappointed. He wasn’t really expecting full coverage – he was simply expecting some sort of discount or a customer loyalty rebate.

Doug took it to twitter and lipped off a bit to the official Weber Grills twitter account after initially only receiving a 2nd apology for the inconvenience of having to fix his old grill himself. When Doug questioned the apology, Weber’s social team DREW THE LINE! They decided to show up at Doug’s front door … with a brand new assembled Weber gas grill.

Doug’s next grill will be a Weber. As will mine.

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  • Seth Jones Link Reply

    So if I mouth off enough, weber will give me a new grill? I’ve got a 1993 performer and I have no issues fixing it myself. I’m a mechanic by trade so I just kind of expect having little to no help fixing things. Never understood why companies reward bad behavior like that. I did find a huge laundry list of complaints about weber gas grills. I’d say the majority are written by emotionally charged idiots who don’t know how to operate a grill safely, wouldn’t know a screwdriver from a hammer, and assume that things never need cleaning and grease doesn’t catch fire.. Unfortunately such people are not at all uncommon.

  • tim Link Reply

    Wish i had a similar experience. Alas, Weber wasn’t so generous in the replacement of a corroded handle on a two year old genesis. Faulty design and no warranty makes me wonder why i bought such an expensive gasser.

  • Paul Link Reply

    Nice story Troy. Seth, name calling, really?

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