1970s Lime Weber Kettle on eBay

Lime Green Weber available for '$450 on ebay right now

Lime Green Weber available for ‘$450 on ebay right now

There’s a Lime Weber grill on ebay right now. The buy it now is $450, which is steep – but it’s a pretty rare kettle. We’ll have to wait and see if it sells.

This one is missing TWO daisy wheel vents, which you can get from a donor kettle or from Weber. It’s also missing the original ash pan – which will have to come from a donor kettle. Buyer should ask around in our Weber Forums to see if anyone has those parts on hand.

The Gardner, as Weber called it, is a key lime green kettle sold for a brief time in the 70s. We’ve only seen a dozen or so, which makes this kettle quite rare.

Oddly enough, there’s also one available for sale or for trade in our forums (for $300 or less) right HERE. G$’s lime green kettle is missing a bowl handle, but all vents and original ash pan are intact (and looking fantastic!!).

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  • I just picked 1 up today how do I confirm its the right one is there numbers I can go off? Thanks

  • Marge Link Reply

    I have a lime green Weber Grill that has never been used and has been under a grill cover all these years. It actually is from the late 60’s and I am asking about $450 for it.

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