2015 Weber Kettle Club Shirts are HERE!

the 2015 WKC Shirt is HERE! Available through May 3rd.

The 2015 WKC Shirt is HERE!
Available through May 3rd.

It’s been a CRAZY year already, and it’s only APRIL.

So far this year we’ve hit:
– 11,000 members
– 160,000 messages
– 13,000 kettles owned

We’ve been featured on Mint.com, a few magazines that I can’t remember the name of (apparently people still read magazines).

We’ve formed partnerships with Aaron Franklin, Thermaworks, Cajun Bandit, and several other manufacturers of exciting products.

Traffic is higher than its ever been, which prompted an emergency server upgrade this month.

To help support the massive growth, and to fund some new super kickass WKC features, we’re launching the next official WKC t-shirt.

The color is yellow. No it doesn’t change color when it gets hot.

The back of the shirt. Bitchin, right!?

The back of the shirt. Bitchin, right!?
Go Buy On Eh!?

This shirt will make you the coolest kid in town. It will make you a better cook and a better frisbee golfer (that’s really a thing!)
Wearing this shirt in the grilling aisle at Home Depot will scare away all of the posers shopping for gas grills and char broilers.
Eggheads will scurry back to their cult of overspending at the sight of a certified Weber man!

Seriously though. The shirt is radass, and buying one helps keep the site alive.
Please support the WKC 🙂

Shirts are on sale for 10 days, and will start shipping May 11th.
All shirts are screen printed – none of that shitty cafepress iron-on lamesauce.


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  • John Christensen Link Reply


    A new adjective for me to have fun with!

    And a very cool shirt!

  • gerard curry Link Reply

    wish to by a tee in 3xl can i get one

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