UN-Pulled Pork Steaks – The Ultimate Pulled Pork Leftover Recipe

Unpulled pork steak and eggs

Fried, unpulled pork steak served with fried egg. Breakfast of BBQ Champions.

Like all good food innovations and creations, this one too was discovered by accident. I was catering a large party a few years ago. 8 pork butts worth of pulled pork, but I made 9 just so I have one for myself. The overnight smoke was a nightmare. Heavy rain and heavy winds kept me up all night fiddling with charcoal. Plus with 9 big butts distributed on 3 grates of my Cajun Bandit stacked Weber smoker, I had to rotate the meat twice in the pissing rain.

Everything turned out great, the crowd at the party loved it and were all requesting business cards so they could call me next time they were having a party. When I got home, I immediately fell asleep – completely forgetting about the 9th butt that I had smoked for myself.

At 8pm, when I finally woke, the 9th butt was no longer hot enough to pull. It was actually a solid piece of meat. I stuck it in the fridge to figure out later

The next morning, the whole family was looking forward to pulled pork omelets – a tradition for us the day(s) after I make pulled pork. I pulled the butt from the fridge and created what is now family’s absolutely favorite BBQ creation.

Pork butts on Weber smoker

5 small butts on a big red Weber smoker.

Step 1: Smoke your pork butt!
This recipe is a ‘leftovers’ recipe – so I’m not going to teach you how to smoke a butt. Smoke it good though. Get a mahogany bark (not black) and take the temp up to 200.

Step 2: Don’t Pull that Pork!
That’s right. When that butt is done, wrap it in double foil and let it rest on the counter or in the oven (off) until it’s cool enough to stick into the fridge. When its easily handled, stick the whole thing in the fridge – foil and all.
Wait 24 hours. (This part sucks)

unpulled pork steaks

Cut your butt into 1.5″ steaks

Step 3: Cut your steaks
Remove butt from fridge and unfoil (duh). Remove the bone. Turn the butt so the money muscle to the right and the bone-side to the left. Cut the butt in half. Turn each half sideways and cut them into ‘steaks’ – I usually make mine 1″ or 1.5″ thick. The right half, with the money muscle, will produce more presentable and flavorful steaks.

Seasoned unpulled pork steaks

The thicker the dust, the thicker the crust

Step 3: Season the steaks
Dust the steaks with your favorite rub. I use a blend of Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction and Big Poppa’s MONEY (or Sweet Money). This is the same rub I use when smoking as well.

unpulled pork steaks in a pan

Make sure your pan is hot!

Step 4: Fry the steaks
I use a well seasoned hard anodized aluminum Calphalon Commercial pan that I’ve been abusing for 10 years. A cast iron skillet will also work. I lube the pan up a bit with some saved up bacon grease or coconut oil. These unpulled pork steaks still have fat in them, which will provide anti-sticking lube and help build up a crust.

fried unpulled pork steaks

Nice crust on those steaks!

glazed unpulled pork steaks

These were brushed with Blues Hog BBQ Sauce

Step 5: Flip and Glaze
When the underside of the steaks have built up a nice crust, flip them. Brush the tops of the steaks with your favorite BBQ sauce and cover the pan to help set the sauce. If you really want to make a mess in the pan, you can flip the steaks again (sauce side down) and sauce the other side again. I usually don’t.

Step 6: Salt & Serve
My rubs aren’t salty at all. I season with Fleur de Sel right before eating and its magical. If you use salty rubs, you should probably skip this step. These steaks make a great breakfast with some eggs. Or serve them with pretty much any side for lunch or dinner.

glazed and fried unpulled pork steaks

This dish is high demand at my house. Sometimes I smoke a few butts and don’t pull ANY of them. Not kidding either.

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