New Statesmen Announcement!

Hey Everyone..

Ken, the turd king

Ken, the ABT (‘Turd) King

I have been given the privilege; no scratch that, “The Honor” of introducing our newest Statesman.

I am quite sure that this person doesn’t think that he is extra special, but he has become an integral part of the WKC. While some people take the easy road and some constantly fight the uphill battle, this guy blazes his own trail. At first glance of his vast array of kettles and cookers you may think, just another guy with a few old bbq’s. But you would be wrong. So far wrong, that when it finally hits, you realize you are in the midst of pure genius. An Albert Einstein of everything we strive for. A master at this craft we humbly call bbq.  A skill set that is so strong, others can only dream of acquiring.  I seem to always ask myself, “I don’t know what makes him tick, but if I could bottle it, I’d make a mint”

He’s the got the perfect mix, of experience, skill and unique banter that screams “BBQ Guru”

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am referring to the one, the only 1Buckie. I just call him Buckie. (There’s a story behind the name he has chosen,. just ask him to tell you about it.)
His real name is Ken and he has made his mark on our humble place.  (And many others I might ad.).

I am glad he chooses to hang with us. So I formally introduce out latest Statesman. “1Buckie” (Insert huge applause here)
Check him out; he has so much to offer, even if it’s just a bit of camaraderie amongst friends, but I think you will like what he brings to the field.

Read more about Ken and look for his upcoming Blogs about, well everything! Blog on Buckie, Blog on.

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  • Eugene Apicella Link Reply

    I am a recipient of Buckie’s knowledge and expertise. He’s helped me with a few issues with my kettle, and with barbecuing and grilling generally. If it was up to a vote, he’d have mine.

  • Nate Link Reply

    Congratulations Buckie! You’re knowledge and guidance has helped greatly in my quest to master charcoal cooking on a kettle. I have not had an unsuccessful low and slow cook yet and everyone loves what I produce. And I’ve only been cooking with charcoal for 5 months. I am known as the guru of bbq amongst my friends because of your guidance. If they only knew you, they’d figure out I was an amateur at best. Thank you.

  • buckie Link Reply

    Thanks, Eugene !!!

    Do I know you by another name; folks on the Internet almost always have two?

    My intention is to always be of service in whatever way possible !!!!

  • A-T-S Link Reply

    Buckie’s a big reason I’m here. No one has inspired me more to keep at it, to improvise, cauterize or even eulogize if necessary, but never apologize for the end result. A true and obvious Statesman even without the title.

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