1969 Weber Sequoia – Avocado

57 Stuffies has a 1969 Weber-Stephen Imperial Sequoia “Bar-B-Q” wagon with avocado green kettle that he acquired in 1969.  It is an all-original, milled redwood, forged iron hardware, walnut handle and metal or ceramic wheels with white sidewall rubber treads.  The aluminum vent label is marked “Weber-Stephen Products, Arlington Heights, Ill., Weber Bar-B-Q Kettle, Pat. Pending”.

Owner: 57 Stuffies

Grill: 1969 Weber Sequoia  – Avocado

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  • Remmy700P Link Reply

    When I was growing up, my Dad had the exact same one! Same kettle color and everything. He used to do our Thanksgiving turket on it.

    I wonder what happened to that thing….

  • Chad Link Reply

    I acquired on of these from my father in law a few years back. I keep it covered and I store it indoors in the winter. I never new what year it was, so now I know it is a 1968 avocado imperial sequoia. I use it all the time in the summer, and I use a weber Smokey Joe in the winter. I love it and hope to have it for years to come.

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