WKC Posts of the Week, October 28, 2013

This weekend we has our first feature on a member and his kettle: HankB! This feature was initially thought of as a way to feature a cool kettle, but I quickly realized that the owner behind the kettle is the best part of the story. Hank is a prime example of a Grillfella that is a seasoned cooker. You have all seen his amazing cooks, restorations, and projects. Hank and his original 18.5″ kettle shows us how timeless the Weber Kettle and the national tradition of BBQ can be. He’s always willing to lend a hand and share knowledge with all. A true Grillfella indeed! Hank is a modest chap so make sure to wish Hank congrats. Full writeup on Hank and his kettle

Hold on to your hats there was alot of Grillfella activity this week! There were a bunch of 26’r scores, yellow, lime, blue, & awesome cooks. Since it’s getting cold in some parts, kettles are starting to go away for hibernation but their owners have taken an autumn family picture. Check it all out and stay tuned for more kettle content later this week!


Baby Blue Imperial 22.5″ on eBay!
Bman WSM score and cleanup
MacEggs red rescue
Pioneer new kettle acquisitions
Glrasmussen picks up a MBH Lemon
AZ_MIKEY and his giant “18.5” score
AZ_MIKEY cold called Easterner kettle score
Harris92 22.5″ limey
Troy reunited with his red 26’r
MINIgrillin 26’r score

Builds & Restorations 

HankB finishes his home made roti
Golly and Hogsy Ranch Kettle ring almost done
New Member bmwhitt and his new SS cleanup


Best of 1Buckie’s celebration of 3000 posts!
New member Kako5256 cooking breakfast weenies on  his SS and sideburner
Bluesman Gyros
Bbqmiller Burgers and Smores!
Lradke steak cook with good discussion
Mrbill turkey test run
Esq3585 first cook with a copper 22.5″
OoPEZoO harvesting and smoking peppers
HankB twin chicken roti cook
Smokeyjoeuk-ray kebabs
MINIgrillin bunch of cooks in one week 
Prof. split roast chicken

General Awesome Threads

Zav0d44 showing off his impressive collection
jcnaz family picture
Harbormaster WSM and family picture
WKC members with offsets?!?!?!?
Interesting facts about WKC members
How a Grillfella cold calls a kettle
Pics of WKC members hugging their kettles
Golly’s Kettle costume
WKC Members showing their pets and kettles

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