WKC Posts of the Week November 4, 2013

November has finally come! I hope that you had an awesome Halloween. Did you see the awesome weber pumpkin that member “Salad” carved? If not, you probably aren’t following us on Facebook. The Weber Kettle Club page has hit 100 likes. What an amazing milestone for a page that’s only been active for a few weeks! Check out the WKC Facebook page and like us here.

Only four more weeks until Thanksgiving so make sure to plan for your turkey in the WKC Turkey noob thread


Peaspurple $2 corn ‘n tater ring
Harris92 Lime score, Galley que 1, Galley que 2, 18.5″ wood dale
Red Budweiser SJ on eBay
Kako5256 Red daisy wheel 22.5″, Genesis, and mismatched kettle up for grabs in Norcal
Kendoll Grey CGA
Blackdog043 ‘cado
Kettleaddict family pictures
G$ scores a family heirloom redhead
BigRix green OTG

Beef newly powdercoated Seville cart

Great discussion on how to cook burgers
Prof. picanha, burger cabbage, ribs on crazy kettle smoker
AZ_MIKEY breakfast on a 26’r
HankB smoked nuts, squash, ribs in the rain
Esq3585, bacon onion rings
Hottuna beef ribsrolled pork ribs,
Johnpv spare ribs

General awesome threads
Golly and Hogsy go camping (with pr0n)
Kitchen workspace showoff
Foreign Weber video reviews
Grilling in a pumpkin!
Thin Blue Smoke takes a Weber turkey cooking course

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