WKC Posts of the Week October 21, 2013

With Thanksgiving a little more than a month away, have you thought about your family’s turkey? If your idea of good turkey is Boston market and amusement park turkey legs, boy you are missing out! The Weber kettle has been turning out great turkey for generations using “covered cooking.” The innovation of the lid radiates heat all around the turkey leaving it crisp, succulent, and smokey. Delicious! If you have never cooked one before, the WKC is here to help and there is still time to practice. Best of all, you already have a Weber kettle. Check out the ongoing discussion about how to choose, prep, cook, and eat turkey in the annual WKC Turkey how to thread 2013

Vintage Speckled Weber Smokey Joe

Vintage Speckled Weber Smokey Joe

WKC co-founder Jeff is letting go of one of his rare kettles from his collection. If you don’t know him already, Jeff has one of the nicest Weber collections in the world! He started collecting a few years ago before the WKC was even a glint in the internet’s eye. The kettle he is letting go of is a speckled offset handle smokey joe from the 70’s. This kettle is a special early edition smokey joe in good condition. It has the rare speckled/spotted finish and the combo handle and top vent. The handles are the early version wood handles when weber made the switch over from metal. Notice that it has two rivets, and the top portion is stubbier than the wooden handles of more recent vintage. Check out the ebay listing here: Speckled offset handle Smoke Joe on eBay and the WKC discussion about this kettle



Posts of the week


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