WKC Posts of the Week Oct 14, 2013

This week was full of amazing scores, cooks, and meet ups. Keep up the great work! The WKC Chicago Chapter strikes again with an awesome meet, tailgate trading, and a special guest appearance from Warren Peterson who helped Weber make the transition to stamp kettles check out the meet here:

Chicago meetup with special gues Warren Peterson


Dazzo and Salad green and blue grill trade on the WKC Cali Kettle Express
Saxart 26.75″ Brown Chief! and showing it off cleaned up
C&B Green performer gets passed on the Grillfellas in IA
Bbqmiller’s new 14.5″ WSM and first chicken cook and second turkey cook
Hogsy scores a flattop 26’r
Harris92’s new ‘cado 18.5″ Mediterranean
OGlenn red Wood Dale!
AngelB new family picture
Ramsfan scores a red Wood Dale
Jeff decides to let go of a speckled offset smokey joe


1Buckie cooks a brisket
Bluesman tomahawk steak
Craig apple brined turkey
Sparky 2 fatties on his new 14.5″ WSM, and chicken break-in cook
Kilted_Griller bunch of cooks
Jocool turds, wings and other Americana
G$ spicy vinegar cole slaw
HankB Bell peppers and Beef


Glrasmussen shiny 22.5″ Brownie
Weber MD fireplace resto
Beef starting a Seville restoration


General Awesome Threads

Hilariously tall Brownie kettle in SoCal
Troy’s self watering yellow planter kettle
Some great discussion on WSM 18.5″ vs 22.5″ and door modifications
Hogsy Smokey Joe mailbox
Golly and Hogsy Ranch Kettle rotisserie
Great Discussion on Weber vintage iron carts
Kettle foosball!
JoCool goofing off with his new claws
Prof. in Italia goes to Weber Low n’ Slow school 

Whew, what a bunch of great posts this week! Enjoy!






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