Slow’n Sear Maker Launches Kamado Grill

February 19, 2019 – Adrenaline Barbecue Company, the brand behind the popular Slow’n Sear accessory for the Weber charcoal kettle, has launched a new line of charcoal grill!

Slow’n Sear Kamado

ABC’s new grill is a cordierite ceramic kamado style cooker. Kamado style grills have thermally insulated walls to keep heat inside and maximize fuel efficiency.

New Kamado

The ABC Kamado Grill, or AKG, will sell for $1499 including free shipping and delivery.

What Makes it Special?

ABC has a lot of experience with grilling and BBQ. Their Slow’n Sear accessory is the #1 accessory for the Weber Charcoal Grill because it dramatically improves the cooking zones and makes the Weber kettle grill easier to use.

The ABC Kamado grill tackles the shortcomings of other kamado grills while improving and extending the versatility of the classic Weber grill.

The ABC Kamado ships with the Slow’n Sear 2.0 as well as the Easy Spin Grate. The high airflow intake and top vents enable the AKG to sear at rocket-hot temperatures or cook low and slow without any internal configuration changes.

ABC Kamado vs Weber Charcoal Summit

ABC has clearly taken some inspiration from the Weber Charcoal Summit.

While the Weber uses layers of steel and porcelain coating to insulate it’s high-end cooker, the ABC Kamado grill uses a thick ceramic shell.

The ABC Kamado includes a nest-like stand with locking wheels. The gray exterior of the cooker pairs nicely with the shiny metal trim and accessories.

The Weber Charcoal Summit has an adjustable charcoal grate, enclosed ash catcher, gas assist for lighting your charcoal, and an optional rolling cart with work table.

The cooking grate of the ABC Kamado is 22″ vs 25″ on the Summit.

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