2015 Weber Performer Deluxe Review

Oct 10, 2014 – Weber Kettle Club Co-Founder Brian was able to get his hands on the very first 2015 Weber Performer Deluxe. This new model is not even available yet, and this particular grill is partially a prototype. It has all the new features but it still has the older style wheels. Public information about this grill is very limited – so Brian has written a thorough review to reveal the details of the new features.

Copper Color 2015 Weber Performer Deluxe
The first thing you’ll notice, besides the new copper color, is the dark hammertone side table. It is made of metal instead of glass reinforced nylon. Apparently Weber has been listening and is answering our prayers.

2015 Weber Performer Deluxe Metal Table

The table is .070″ steel with a lot of shape to it on the edges – making it very sturdy and solid feeling.

2015 Weber Performer Deluxe - Metal table under side

The new metal table even has a reinforcement bar on the underside for extra support and stability.

Another exciting new feature is the extended lid bale which allows the lid to open farther back. Again another feature a lot of people have been asking for. The lid bale is twice as far from the kettle as it is used to be. It was two inches, now it’s four. I really like this new feature. I think it gives a little more elbow room. Kudos to Weber for this.

Old Weber Performer Lid Bail

The original lid bale: 2 inches of space

2015 Weber Performer Lid Bail

2015 Weber Performer: 4 inches of space

Here is a comparison between the new and old open lid angles, you can clearly see how far the new lid opens up

2015 Performer Deluxe Lid Open Compare

The old lid bail only opens to 70 degree angle, while the 2015 Performer Deluxe is nearly 90 degrees.

This model has the cook timer, it’s removable so you can go back in the house and see if the Hawks are beating up on the rest of the NHL and you won’t forget to flip the dogs after a few minutes.
2015 Weber Performer Deluxe Ignition & Timer

Underneath the timer is the gas assist control and igniter. The igniter is different from the older Piezo ones. The older ones push real hard and create a single spark when the button is pushed. CLUNK! The new igniter is the electronic type like a gas grill. It clicks real fast, making a series of rapid-fire sparks. It seems to work very well.

2015 Weber Performer Ash Can

The ash bucket has a new look for 2015. It has a flange that kicks out on the bottom, so it makes it real easy to re-seat the ash bucket after you dump out the ashes. As you can see there is a nice new little logo telling you to dump the ashes in the trash, just in case you didn’t know what to do. The ash can is now removed by squeezing the handle instead of twisting and lowering.

A few other things I noticed about the 2015 Weber Performer Deluxe

2015 Weber Performer Grate Hanger

It still has the hook on the back for the grill grate to hang on.

Older Weber Performer with new metal table

The old table and the new table are the same size and bolt pattern. I tested with another Performer I just happened to have nearby.

Overall this is really a stellar grill. I think this is really the best Performer Weber has ever made. I felt the old Performer was a fantastic grill and this new model has greatly improved on that classic.
Oh and in case you needed to know…..my wood handles fit on it just fine….
2015 Weber Performer Deluxe - Wooden Handles

And in case you want a more classic look you can leave the heat shield off….
2015 Weber Performer Deluxe - No Heat Shield

The 2015 Weber Performer is available for pre-order right now on Amazon!

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  • A-T-S Link Reply

    Brian you lucky devil.

    FYI, electronic ignition isn’t new for Performers. I can’t however recall if last year was the first or if it appeared prior to 2014.

    The “Euro” heat shield for the lid handle is a good idea for the miserable “yet stylish” plastic handles Weber still provides. ProTip: If you lack Brian’s handle, wear an insulated glove.

    New lid bale and metal table: good ideas.

    New ashcan and ashcan support: better ideas. Seems like there will be less hunting for the slots.

    One-Touch sweep: I get why the sweep continues to be redundantly broad (to help sweep ash around …) but for the purposes of air intake control (which I think Weber could do a better job of educating its customers about) the levers handle’s travel is waaaay too long, given how narrow the intake vents are.

    Bottom line: I’m gratified Weber continues to make evolutionary, not “revolutionary” changes their products.

  • Barry N. Link Reply

    Will the new lid bail be available separately? I have a brand new blue 22″ OTG that I would love to mod. Like the Guys in the UK have, a common sense lid holder.

  • Jeff Link Reply

    Great review! Also, it’s easy to tell that it’s a fairly recent review because there were no Hawks fans before 2010. 😉

  • This is a great review – thanks! Love your site!! We just saw Crate & Barrel has this in blue this year. Based on your review (and a few others) we are definitely going to purchase.

  • ScottyJoe Link Reply

    I don’t know how they did it but my wife, my son, and my daughter found me a 2015 Weber Deluxe in BLUE! In November my wife and I bought our NAVY son a Crimson Deluxe and that was a nightmare trying to find one, getting the order canceled three times, etc. I started out looking for a 2014 Performer Platinum in blue as I had seen them online – but no go. No one had one. The blue was discontinued in 2012 someone told me. But somehow, in Feb on my birthday, I got a 2015 Blue Deluxe!

  • Dino Brava Link Reply

    Awesome review. Great pics and I love how you compared and contrasted this model to last year’s model. Very informative. One question…..what size propane canister does this grill use?


    • troy Link Reply

      Hi Dino, the modern performers use the widely available 16.4 oz disposable propane bottles that are typically used for camp stoves and lanterns. You can also use propane torch bottles. The old performers (pre 2004) used a refillable 5lb tank.

    • Dino Link Reply

      Hi Troy,
      I forgot to ask…..how long do those 16.4 ounce propane tanks last and what is the approximate cost per tank? Is there any way to hook up an adapter to be able to use a 5lb. tank?

      Thanks for all the great information!


  • Has anyone modified the lid bail on the Preformer Platinum to allow the lid to rest straight up?

  • ryan Link Reply

    This is a question. I’m a gas guy, but im thinking of making the swith to charcoal. other than the obvious amenities (lid bail, electric starter, etc.) what makes this grill worth the extra money over a traditional weber charcoal grill?

  • Adam Osborn Link Reply

    Do you know if you can purchase a 2015 lid bail anywhere to install on a 2014 performer? I e mailed weber, and they said it voids the warranty (which I don’t understand why), i’m guessing someone will create one?

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