The Elevated Half Grill

Back in the ’70s, Weber offered a solution to grillers whose standard 22.5″ grill wasn’t quite big enough for those extra burgers or casseroles (extra casseroles?), but who also weren’t going to shell out the long green to acquire a larger grill.

The answer was the Elevated Half Grill, Weber model G-9. It effectively covered half of the cooking space with an additional cooking grate, raised above the fray so to speak. In more recent years, it got replaced by the smaller-capacity “Warming Rack” (#3200) but both work the same way, by cooking or warming while still allowing the kettle to remain kovered.

Our sample gallery currently features a mix of images from a vintage Weber cookbook, a recent auction, and WKC forum members’ collections. Do you have one as well? Let us know!

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